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  1. Not really related but my wife got a US tourist visa (I'm a UK citizen) as I (unfortunately) had to visit there for work back in 2018, very easy, in the documents submitted was my passport, work permit, marriage certificate and letter from the company that I needed to go for 2 weeks, that was it. I've witnessed the same in the UK, easy for all apart from actual citizens, nonsense.
  2. Absurd, Thailand's whole purpose is that of a cheap destination, cheap entertainment, cheap beer, cheap people, simple. How dare they think they are more than that, sickening. It really makes your blood boil.
  3. Boarn

    Thai Food - ?

    A bit of a rant here but there you go. I'm sick to the back teeth of people saying how much they like Thai food, why, how, what's wrong with you? It has to be one of the worst cuisines in the entire world. OK, as an occasion Tom Yam Talay, or Tom Kah Gai can be enjoyable but most Thai food is 'edible only because it's cheap'. Maybe I don't have an issue with the taste of Pad Ga Pow for example, I can eat it, but it brings no enjoyment. The one exception being Moo Ga Ta, I do enjoy this. Pla ra, Gaeng Thai Pla and all the other fermented <deleted> is vile to put i
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