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  1. To optimize longevity, I believe most batteries prefer not to be topped off 100% or kept on a charger. And they don't like to go all the way to 0% either. Batteries are most comfortable at rest around 60% charge and kept cool I heard from the RC guys some years ago. New battery technology may be different. I don't know.
  2. USA Social Security spousal benefits can go to a foreign spouse if the spouse held a Social Security card. A Green Card holder can quickly get a SS Card while residing in the USA. (not sure about the 5 year minimum mentioned above) Also, a divorced spouse with a SS Card, (married minimum 10 years), will also be able to piggy back on the ex-spouses account receiving 50% the amount at age 62. When the ex-spouse dies, the divorced survivor can contact SS and receive 100% I believe. I receive $1,000 per month and my ex Thai wife with a SS Card turns 62 next year
  3. Since the loan was to a close friend, I charged 0% interest for the first 3 years then a modest 3% rate would begin to kick in to motivate the sale if necessary. All spelled out in the contract. The property sold within 6 months and he picked up any expenses. There was the attorney fee and perhaps some Land Office expenses that I wasn't aware of. The attorney only attended the initial proceedings and wasn't at the Land Office when the sale took place several months later. The Land Office Officer was very helpful and oversaw me handing over the Chanote and receiving repay
  4. Flooding the room with a strong mixture of water and bleach might discourage the bugs. At least you don't have Cobras lurking in the toilet. (Google it) YIKES!
  5. Why buy the imposter Samsung (cheap Charlie) products when you can own the original? Here is Steve Jobs introducing the iPad at one of his epic product announcement stage shows. I miss that guy.
  6. I made a personal loan to a friend with the house as collateral a few years ago and my (very cute) attorney set up the agreement and attended the land office proceedings with my wife holding the chanote. It all worked out with repayment of the loan when the property was sold. Miss Bam: [email protected]
  7. Good idea. A farang in the loop complicates things. This is her problem. Her land. Her house. Her village. You don’t need to stay there if she can’t sort it out. Tell her your going to Pattaya.
  8. Had a lady friend use her Thai ID to put the app on my phone but yep….it’s all in Thai language. Perhaps get it to display the vital info and screen shot the page into photo album?
  9. Company developing new battery tech with 750 mile range. https://finance.yahoo.com/news/electric-vehicle-battery-startup-one-040927651.html “ONE, a year-old startup thats funded by Bill Gates Breakthrough Energy Partners, recently emerged from stealth mode, is working on a dual battery that combines a structural cell-to-pack design that uses cobalt- and nickel-free cathodes, with a second, high-energy pack that can recharge the first, potentially doubling vehicle range to 750 miles.” ONE founder and chief executive Mujeeb Ijaz, is a battery systems engineer with more th
  10. Toyota and Honda are at the top as far as reliability but recently Mazda has been clawing its way up. Their interiors are a step up in quality I noticed.
  11. Good idea. It would fry their brains but would they ever notice?
  12. Neighbor Wars can be fun to watch. Check YouTube. But seriously, you don’t need the stress. The answer? Open a competing pub and charge less, even selling drinks below cost would be a good investment until you drive him out of business.
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