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  1. im in process of coming to thailand now. my god the paperwork is endless. borderline abuse
  2. i went to europe this summer all i had to do was get a swab test before going , and book a room thier and get vacced that was the extent of requirements. the thai requirements are endless.
  3. the powers in thailand are getting pressure from tourism authorities to open up. thailand is willing to accept more covid numbers to open economy and partially save high season. didnt u ever watch the deer hunter and the russian roulette scene? time to open up come hell or high water. heck in usa we get tons of covid cases we are over it. either live in freedom or die in fear. open!
  4. i was in process of coming early nov. but now i will wait. all they are doing is getting people to not come by all the changes as we wait now to see whats next. if u want people to come in be consistant. we dont want to end up in prison for a mistake because we didnt know the new rules this week
  5. omg. that is a nightmare. what if you built a stereo system 4 times bigger and point back at them? or even better what i did in similar situation is i bought thier stereo system . u can always resell it in another area and then they will have the nightmare. is thier not a sound ordinance in thailand
  6. considerable confusion? i am applying for a 60 day visa and question number ten on supporting documents wants a selfie pic of myself holding my passport? how does one get help. we are all confused.. can the thais please hire a foreigner to help them so we know how to do this process? nov is coming and still information that is not confirmed?
  7. no riff raff in thailand anymore? what a shame we need more riff raff in thailand
  8. yogi yogi

    Simple Gym

    why not move somewhere where thier is a flat beach
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