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  1. My main concern is that if I have this vaccine, it might make me very ill or even do me in. If it gets to the point where they are forcing me to have it, I would rather leave the country. I absolutely am not an anti-vaxxer, but someone with a genuine medical condition that makes the vaccine a lot more terrifying.
  2. The problem I find with living here is that there's rarely any "wiggle-room", i.e. taking a person's specific situation into account and showing some compassion or sympathy. Either you meet their requirements or you don't, they're like robots. Crohn's is a bit of a nightmare. Several years ago I paid to board a minibus to Koh Samet, yet after I had placed my bag on the minibus I needed to use the toilet, and for quite a long time. It took 3 days to get my bag back, thank goodness I was smart enough to not have anything valuable in it.
  3. I have taken a few different medications, used to have azathioprine, which didn't really do anything, had a trial of methotrexate which made me very ill, now on mesalazine which, although not perfect, allows me to live an almost normal life. Surely, there should be a provision for people such as myself to produce a doctor's letter exempting me from needing this jab?
  4. My concern is that if, in the next few weeks, they start demanding proof of vaccination status for marriage extensions, I will either have to have the vaccine or leave the country. My first port of call would be Cambodia, yet they want test results and proof of vaccination status in order to enter the country, so I would be in a catch-22 situation. I'm glad to hear that they're not asking for proof of vaccination status right now, but can't help but think that they'll start doing it soon. Maybe I am overthinking the situation, but I would like to thank everyone who has responded,
  5. My experience is that if you "lend" money to a Thai, then you should just tell them that it's not a loan and is a gift, because you are unlikely to ever get the money back and trying to get the money back will cause arguments. Especially given the current situation, many people are penniless and the Thai fallacy of all foreigners being rich persists. If you sign as a guarantor for a Thai person with your house as collateral, you should assume that you will lose your house.
  6. Hi guys. I created this account just to ask a question because I am worried. Today my Thai wife (we live in Thailand) told me that I must get the vaccine or my next marriage extension will be rejected, I don't know who told her that or if she's making it up, but the only jab available to me is Sinopharm, which I don't really trust but that's not the crux of the issue. I have suffered with Crohn's disease since I was a schoolboy, and have a low white cell count and therefore a not very good immune system. I really don't want to get this vaccine because I strongly suspect
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