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  1. Ahh yeah, I have noticed a 15 baht charge for using an ATM that surprised me a bit - that'll be why
  2. Yeah this is actually the main reason I asked. Is it possible to update the home branch do you know? The thing is though I'm already 2 months into my 1 year stay here and not sure what I'll be doing after that.
  3. Thanks. It did occur to me after I left last time that maybe my bank statements were being sent to the serviced apartment that I stayed in
  4. During my previous visit to Thailand just over 2 years ago I opened an account with Bangkok Bank in Chiang Mai. I was on a tourist visa at the time. I've just returned to Thailand again but this time will be staying in Pattaya for a year (possibly more). I opened the account with a Certificate of Residence for my address in Chiang Mai but as far as I can see in online banking there is no actual record of my address - I'm just classed as a "tourist". Should I update the bank with my new address, or just leave things as they are? Thanks.
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