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  1. At any stage of the process including eVisa, Thailand Pass, or at Immigration in Thailand do we have to show proof of hotel accommodations above your AQ hotel Letter of Confirmation? If so, if I am coming for 60 days do I only need to show the first hotel booking I have like we did before at Thailand Immigration or do I need to show hotel confirmation for my entire 60 day stay? I ask this because I like to go to different areas of Thailand so usually only pre-book my hotels in 1 week blocks. Thank you.
  2. This is a relief. Thanks everyone for your valuable information. My flight arrives on December 12 at 00:25. I was under the understanding from another thread I was to book my hotel the day before my flight arrives so I requested a hotel booking for December 11. The SHA Plus+ hotel booked me in on December 12. When I questioned them they confirmed the proper booking date is the date my flight arrives, even if my flight is very early in the morning. Hope all is correct. Been seeing some people denied entry in to Thailand for incorrect hotel bookings but that may be b
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