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  1. Is that the real colour, or did you "adjust" it?
  2. I have 3BB 1GB/500MB. It does what I need but a friend reckons that True have the "best" service (whatever "best" means). I don't know much about 4G, 5G and my phone is an old OnePlus2 phone running Android 6! So I don't think I can be of much help... I'm surprised more phone-savvy people haven't replied.
  3. This is what I did with the first one about a month ago. Persistent little beggars sent me two more.
  4. Correct - no other income. I didn't know about any of what you just wrote about the Thai Tax ID. Thanks very much. Regards the 800,000 term deposit account... I think I'll go back to showing my "daily account" again. I used to use it until I had kidney stones and my stay in hospital - paying daily - took me very close to going below 800k. So I changed to the 800k term deposit method. But now I think I'll change back. I'll just keep it well topped up - more than enough for a few days in a Bangkok Phuket Hospital room. Edit: PS. I edited the previous post wh
  5. I never been asked by them to to see transactions for both accounts - the "800,000" and daily use account. I wonder if it is because my "800,000" in the SCB account looks like money is going in and out every month or so but, in fact, I'm not doing it. It appears to be the way the bank does the interest calculations. Here's a snippet: The right hand column is the credit column. They appear to take out money, put it back and then add the interest - all on the same day. But the balance column (not shown) never goes below 800,000. Edit: They add the i
  6. That's a good tip - go to Immigration for a new TM.7 form, just in case it has been updated.
  7. You would think so, wouldn't you? But, stop calling me Shirley Stop Calling Me Shirley .mp4
  8. I used to use COD with both Lazada and AliExpress, but now I use a debit card with only a few thousand baht in it.
  9. Exactly - I think some of the people who complained about losing money need to think back to when they (or their spouse) filled in their debit card details - including the CVV - in response to an email stating that they owed money.
  10. That's exactly what I was thinking. I could forward the original email to whoever was investigation this "phishing" scam.
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