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  1. @Russell17au When are you planning to submit? Is there a "minimum" number of days you need to submit before expiry?
  2. I'm thinking perhaps it was a substitute for the home visit which never happened presumably because of covid-19 worries. I had to go their with my wife and witness who were asked questions whilst I largely sat quietly.
  3. Hi Ubon Joe thanks for your swift response. I didn't have a "home visit" at my house last time, perhaps due to Covid-19 restrictions. However, my wife, witness and I did have an interview at the Immigration offices which I recall was after we submitted the original extension, so perhaps that was a substitute for the "home visit"
  4. Forgive me, but I cannot remember the exact process even though I've done it once before! 1). When submitting my visa extension I recall my wife need to be with me, have I remembered correctly? 2) On the date of submission do you automatically get the 30 days under consideration? 3). When does the interview take place? I seem to recall about 2 weeks after submission and a witness was required but I can't recall exactly. I should have written these steps down to go with the required info! Hindsight such a wonderful thing. Thanks in advance.
  5. I didn't I thought it ended in December which is what I stated in my original post. No secret.
  6. No visa ended in January 2021.
  7. Apart from the usual paperwork do you still need a witness on the second time of renewing or is that process dropped?
  8. correct, apologies for the confusion. I originally had a multi non-immigrant O Visa based (obtained outside of Thailand) on my marriage to my Thai wife. I then applied for the one year extension (from within Thailand) to this last year and obtained it. I am applying for the extension again.
  9. Sorry for the late reply. Yes I got this it was stamped as 23 November 2020 and another stamp said to report back on 23rd December 2020. My visa extension says I am permitted to stay up until 23rd November 2021. When should I apply to ensure I get a full one year's extension? I understand that you can apply up to 45 days before the expiry which means I am already within that 45 day window. Thanks in advance.
  10. When should you submit your extension? Last year I submitted mine early and they didn't start the 12 months taking into account my expiry date so effectively I think my visa expiry was something like 22 Dec but they gave me the extension until 23 November so I lost out on about 1 month. The money isn't so much annoying (11 months vs 12) as much as the time being short-changed. Is there a way to prevent this? Was what they did the normal way of doing extensions? They advised people to come early due to all the covid issues so I did but then it appears I got "shafted!." Reminds
  11. Need to get these for return to school and wondered where you can get reliable kits from. Will probably need a few dozen. Thanks in advance.
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