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  1. Yeah, thanks. I thought of suggesting that myself and probably should have. Immigration really does give serious problems based on non compliance for even one day.
  2. Common sense. It could still be a problem because you need at least 400k during the rest of the year. It would be best if you could show the out then in on the same day. You will need bank records for both banks for the next extension. If there is even one day where both banks show zero, could be a problem.
  3. Don't move it during the two months before and three months after period.
  4. So you don't like my idea of building a Pattaya Opera House to rival Sydney?
  5. That's a good thing to hope for (less dangerous) but at this point there is no evidence whatsoever that that is true. So yes, wait and see.
  6. Hey there. Welcome to normal Thailand pandemic version. Masks? Just strap it on like the tomboys do. You won't be sorry. https://www.khaosodenglish.com/news/crimecourtscalamity/2021/11/23/govt-threatens-to-fine-foreigners-who-dont-wear-facemask/ GOV’T THREATENS TO FINE FOREIGNERS WHO DON’T WEAR FACEMASK
  7. The Thai government currently does not include people with 2 AZ jabs in their booster eligibility criteria. So definitely NOT required! Hopefully this group which includes me will soon get access. But unknown as yet.
  8. If the conflict involved the Phillipines or Vietnam those are Asean like Thailand.
  9. The larger question is how would Thailand react if an actual military conflict develops between China and the US over a flashpoint like Taiwan. Also impact on western expats especially Americans.
  10. When you login to myssa you have the option of logging in the old way IF you opened your account before Sept. 18 2021. I did. In my case they do require a code sent to my email address which of course is no problem. If opened after that date, you must use the new scheme. No idea if there will be a time limit on the grandfathering for older accounts.
  11. Look there are two major powers in the world NOW. Neither is saintly but overall which is the less horrible?
  12. Easier said than done, unfortunately Ideally there should be a large amount of continuity on foreign policy when a U.S. president is elected. But that went down the drain with the last potus who positioned himself as a lover of authoritarian dictatorships and a hater of foreign policy cooperation with long standing and natural closest friends as in western Europe. Given that he could soon take power again even by coup, of course the world is correct to back away from trust of the U.S. The U.S. is indeed a backsliding democracy at real risk of permanently losing it entirely. Bu
  13. There is that dark history sure especially related to the cold war, anti communism. But I'm not seeing that recently. Like when a Latin American country votes in a leftist populist the U.S isn't in general pushing coups. You could mention Venezuela but they're not a democracy.
  14. The U.S. has very good relations with countries that didn't get invited to a democracy conference. Such as Thailand and Singapore. Being a democracy is not necessary for there to be good relations.
  15. So you want the US to lie about the government here? Do you think Thai people are all stupid? While I agree that the U.S. has perception problems as you describe and they are the result of own goals like the previous illiberal isolationist pro authoritarian president but lying won't help repair damage.
  16. Sure thing. Whether a country is a democracy or not is definitely all politics. Obviously there is no such thing as a perfect democracy. The host country the U.S.A. is certainly not that and indeed is in danger of falling off the cliff in that regard. But there are levels. For example Russia can't be considered a democracy just because they hold elections.
  17. No surprise. Would they even want to come to such a conference?
  18. Yes it's very annoying. I did a chat with Lazada and asked if they could give me a credit voucher for the refund. I think they might have asked for my passport pic to verify that though. Not sure if they would do that every time. So they did give me the voucher credit. But be careful, it's one time use only. So if you're buying a 1000 baht item and your voucher is 2000 if you use the voucher, you just spent 2000.
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