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  1. Not for much longer. Soon there'll be no rolling of the eyes when they say they're a big club. Well not much anyway .
  2. Common sense, have them open now and get things working so that when people start arriving in numbers there won't be any "chaos".
  3. Bars, meals etc is a lot of what people especially Western tourists come to Pattaya looking for. As the largest group (the Chinese) won't be here that will leave a lot of people (the westerners) unhappy. And your from.?
  4. Not necessarily, how many times have they been closed and re-opened so far.? When it was just those with restaurant licenses that could serve alcohol there was no chaos. This would be the best time to do it, when there's not many people here. There will be mongers and drinkers returning when the immigration requirements actually ease off. Makes no difference to me, but I am concerned for other people.
  5. So there is no confirmation test, the antigen test is regarded as accurate. I had been wondering.
  6. I came here 24 years ago loved the way it was then and am not too unhappy with the way things are now. That is from my selfish perspective. It is disastrous for people who have lost livelihoods, homes, businesses etc.
  7. Well a feller outside Tree Town the other night did say he thinks you know more about them. Some nasty gits in this world.
  8. I am curious about this 500, will it apply to Malaysians coming over for their short breaks, shopping r&r, etc. Or will they get some neighbouring state status.?
  9. But as you said an hour before that it is all still a bit vague.
  10. 11.59 am is a bit early for me, but as you say each to our own
  11. You're always moaning about people and their country which you describe as a "country of complainers". In fact you are possibly the biggest moaner and complainer on here. As for me, I am only here because I don't know of anywhere that would suit me better. Anyway, back to my book it's a bit early for lunch yet.
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