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  1. So only a deposit, what is the balance.?
  2. Ate your glasses again Neero.? Or still celebrating those West Ham and Real results.?
  3. Please excuse my lack of knowledge but what was the tourist spend in 2020 and 2019.?
  4. The TAT chief has spoken, now for the thoughts of Prayuth, Anutin, BMA, Mayor of pattaya and anyone else who feels left out.
  5. I thought it was only North Americans who said to instead of too. Or is it the new normal.? From a crazy former Goodison season ticket holder.
  6. Nobody ever built a reputation on the things they are going to do. I look forward to the 31st of August and the statement of exactly what has been achieved.
  7. No. It's just Thainess, that's the way things are done.
  8. Don't be so selfish, it would give them a good laugh to see somebody wheeled in with a big hole in his head and a leg hanging off. Schadenfreude mate, cheers people up no end.
  9. Yes and in three weeks approx 55 million baht, a bit over a million pounds. And this was mainly from people who were very keen to come here anyway, not genuine tourists. What was the equivalent figure for July in previous years.? Does not make it a failure, still early days. But how much was anticipated.?
  10. The bars round Soi Boomerang were thriving.? Never looked that way to me H, but if you say so.
  11. You'll get used to it. When you've been posting on here a bit longer your mind just accepts it.
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