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  1. Many lawyers specialize and would not draw up a will since it is outside their specialty. Same for probate.
  2. Tap connected to flex hose like most of them? Seal is with a rubber washer in flex head. No tape needed. Also very small drips usually stop within 24 hours of new installation.
  3. Yes it does. Why can’t she ask? Phone in room? or you call her hotel and ask for her?
  4. You persist in making false assumptions. I am not upset, just amused at your contortions but no longer. You have gone beyond the limit. Again, That is your partial quote. Not the two sentences you choose.
  5. Your partial quote is biased and misleading. Can’t get above that? Quote the complete sentence to be responsible.
  6. I have done nothing to increase that number, absolutely nothing. I asked if you were serious about stating that “if you are not part of the solution then you are part of the problem” very clearly. Just that. I am not part of the problem. I have not gotten sick and have not spread the virus to anyone else. I have never been anywhere near 99.99% of those who died or became sick. I am not part of the solution because I have done nothing to solve it. It is not something I can change. I am not a doctor, politician or social worker. Your question a
  7. Foreign phone numbers are not accepted by many systems.
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