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  1. Thanks for the information, it's most helpful. My position that I have already had my documentation verified in the UK and stamped by the Thai Embassy in London. The UK embassy in Bangkok no longer verifies degree certs or police clearances. I just need a translation here and then to have that stamped by the ministry of whatever . Hence my need for an accredited translator. BBK translation have made an offer, but I don't want to risk sending my original documents to Chiang Mai. There must be a better alternative???
  2. Does anyone know of a translator in Bangkok who is conversant with the translation requirements for PR (i.e to satisfy the ministry of foreign affairs)?
  3. Can anyone who has done this before, recommend a translation service or give some advice on which ones to use? Thanks
  4. You need the originals, sad to say that since the changeover of this site, responses are not quite what they once were.
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