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  1. I know it’s now Lotus’s but to people like me who’ve been here many years it will always be Tesco and if it had become a Big C we would still refer to it as the old Tesco.
  2. Actually JWRC I did but it was also about the only way I could see the next person behind me getting on with their day.
  3. Dropped the girlfriend off at her shop, went for coffee then into Tesco for some items and then off to the checkout. Chose the checkout with two middle aged Thai ladies about to put their few goodies onto the conveyor belt which was probably my biggest mistake this year. They didn’t stop gabbling to each other one at one end of the conveyor and the other where you load your shopping into your bag or whatever. All their goodies now checked off but no attempt yet to put them anywhere while the one nearest me browses the items by the checkout and literally after about 5 minutes decides she doesn’
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