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  1. Thailand Retirement OA Visa & Health Insurances - Warning In Thailand, since October 2019, holders of the retirement OA Visa must provide proof of health insurance meeting two conditions: 1 → Medical coverage that covers at least: THB 400,000 to cover inpatient treatments THB 40,000 to cover outpatient treatments The period of insurance coverage must correspond to the period of validity of the Visa. The expatriate must provide immigration with proof of insurance certificate. 2 → Insurance provided by an authorized insurer. There
  2. The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted people all over the world in many different ways, and expats are no exception. Several key areas of expat healthcare have been affected by the global crisis. While people have been reluctant to visit healthcare providers in general, unfamiliarity with foreign healthcare systems makes this a prominent issue for expats in particular. Many are also concerned about the quality of healthcare, which has led to reviewing health insurance benefits and coverage levels. During these trying times, expats are starting to pay more attention to their mental he
  3. The coronavirus epidemic has brought the issue of health back to the centre of the debate and stressed the importance of having solid coverage. The pandemic also highlights the importance of taking care of the major areas of our life – Health, Retirement, Property and Cars. To find the best solution for your needs, use Expat Insurance Scanner. The easiest and fastest way to compare the offers available in the Thai market is to go through an insurance comparator such as Expat Insurance Scanner (EIS). COVID Insurance up to 75 years old – We provide the necess
  4. In a world where nothing is guaranteed but DeeMoney! Send Money to 29 Countries with next working day account credit guaranteed. . Start your journey: https://www.deemoney.com/sign-up/ . LINE: @DeeMoney Call Center: 02-821-5555
  5. Roojai.com launches Thailand’s video claim service to support social distancing Customer safety and security-enhanced by 100% online insurance experience Roojai.com, Thailand’s leading online car insurance platform, continues to innovate in the Thai insurance market by launching its video claim service that allows customers to record and report their incident without need to meet a surveyor. This latest enhancement to their service means customers can now complete every step of their car insurance experience, from buying insurance and inspectin
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