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  1. Looking at all the health insurance options available online can be mighty daunting. Yet with some clear thought processes, good advice from a responsible provider, and practical advice from people who have “been there done that” the choppy waters of finding the right and most appropriate expat health care policy for your needs not be an insurmountable problem. Much is good common sense, the rest can be gleaned from experienced people both in and on the peripheries of the industry. Perhaps the key point in deciding what is right for you is the time honored m
  2. The prospect of moving abroad to live no matter for how long is a truly exciting one especially for families. But it is also a time when adults in the family have to manage expectations and ensure that everyone is safe and catered for in so many ways. The excitement comes with trepidation and peace of mind is important to offset anxiety that everyone will feel when departing home shores for a life abroad. One of the most important of measure is ensuring that you and your family are properly insured. It is important to avoid the pitfalls and appreciate the co
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