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  1. Five small eco-tourism plans were submitted to the Ministry of Environment and have been approved. The eco-tourism plans are for Monivong Bokor National Park, located at Sangkat Prek Tnaot, Kampot. They were approved in a review meeting on October 25, that was chaired by the Secretary of State of the Ministry of Environment, Net Pheaktra, with relevant eexperts and officials from the Ministry of Environment and representatives from the Kampot Provincial Administration. It was reported that officials from the Ministry believed that the small-scale eco-tourism development
  2. Vaccination of boys and girls aged six to 12 has surpassed initial estimates of 1,897,382 to be vaccinated (based on 2019 census) with more than 1,907,695 having received their first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine. Since September 17, when the vaccination of this age group started to October 25, the percentage of children vaccinated has crossed the 100 percent mark and stands at 100.54 percent, an outstanding achievement given the short time frame of less than 40 days. Of this number, 1,687,120 have been fully vaccinated with just 96 of the almost two million children deemed ineligib
  3. Cambodia will allow Thais and foreign travellers in Thailand to fly into the country without quarantine, Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen has said. In a voice recording shared on a government Telegram group, Hun Sen instructed the ministers of tourism and foreign affairs during a Council of Ministers meeting last week vodenglish.news reported. The Thai government on October 21 announced that vaccinated arrivals from 46 countries, including Cambodia, will not have to undergo quarantine starting November 1. He added that flights should be reopened for passengers from Thail
  4. Experts warn that an isolated population of Irrawaddy dolphins residing in the Mekong River on the Laos-Cambodia border is on the verge of disappearing. While there are up to 89 dolphins making up the main population, the isolated transboundary dolphins were now “functionally extinct”. Chairman of the International Union for Conservation of Nature Randall Reeves said that the very small transboundary population of dolphins, which is thought to have been isolated for some time from the larger groups downstream in Kratie and Stung Treng, is essentially lost. In 2007, phot
  5. Cambodia has begun to press the Metropolitan Museum of Artwork in Manhattan to doc the way it acquired dozens of Khmer Empire antiquities that Cambodian officers, citing new proof, consider have been looted through the nation’s a long time of struggle and tumult. Though Cambodia has pushed the Met and other museums lately for the return of particular person statues and sculptures it says have been pillaged between 1970 and 2000, this effort is much broader. Cambodian officers stated they’ve developed a spreadsheet of 45 “extremely vital” gadgets on the Met that the pro
  6. Of hundreds of foreign nationals, who have been trapped within the 11-building complex called China Project, 41 of them are now free from the clutches of the syndicate that lured them there. The 41, all Indonesian nationals, were among the hundreds lured into working in the China Project complex based on the promises of lucrative salaries together with free board and lodgings. The Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia in Cambodia played a major role in rescuing the 41 when they reached out to the Sihanoukville authorities for assistance. The 41, including three females were stuck
  7. Immigration police have detained 20 Thai workers who crossed border illegally to work at an online casino in Preah Sihanouk province. The Thai nationals were arrested for illegal entry on Friday in Sihanoukville and are awaiting deportation through Phnom Penh. General Department of Immigration spokesman General Keo Vannthan told Khmer Times yesterday that they are cooperating with the Thai Embassy in Phnom Penh to send back the 20 Thai workers. Preah Sihanouk police chief Major General Chuon Narin told Khmer Times yesterday that they had arrested three Chinese and a Thai man invol
  8. The World Health Organization (WHO) has advised the government to reciprocate Thai quarantine policies which allow vaccinated Cambodians to enter Thailand without quarantine, potentially accelerating the recovery of the vital tourism sector. While it remains the decision of the government, Dr Li Ailan, WHO representative to Cambodia, also advised a risk-based approach to manage international border measures. It is the right time to adjust the Covid-19 response strategy and plan for the future, including less strict and more sustainable international border measures. Dr
  9. Cambodia has lifted the temporary flights ban from Malaysia, Philippines and Indonesia. The lifting is effective from 23rd of October and the ban lasted almost 15 months. Prime Minister Hun Sen had earlier in the week called for a review on the temporary ban as several Asean countries had relaxed or lifted quarantine requirements to kick start the economy and travel and hospitality industry. Cambodia had also announced the resumption of E Visa applications for tourism. READ MORE https://www.khmertimeskh.com/50957702/cambodia-lifts-15-months-long-ban-on-flight
  10. The Governor of Phnom Penh urged all the Khan authorities to prevent the demolition of local heritage buildings in their respective jurisdiction. The Governor of Phnom Penh Municipal Council, Khoung Sreng, urged all Khan authorities to preserve the local heritage buildings in their respective Khan. The governor stated that since the buildings are being maintained by the government, their demolition should be prevented. This was stated by the Governor in a video conference with authorities from the 14 districts and all relevant departments. The meeting was held on the afternoon of O
  11. Prime Minister Hun Sen has yesterday declared with immediate effect, there will be no more closure of schools, places of businesses and markets if a case of COVID-19 were to break out in any location. Mr Hun Sen said that from now on, if there are cases of infection in factories or other places, there will be no closure of the entire location and that only the COVID-19 positive person will be treated at a designated facility and the location disinfected. The operation of these facilities would continue as normal after disinfection as it is time to reopen the economy fu
  12. Cambodia’s economy will grow 2.4 percent this year, with gross domestic product improving to 4.8 percent in 2022, according to Phillip Bank, the only Singapore-owned commercial bank in the Kingdom. Phillip Bank Director Ong Teong Hoon said next year’s pick up will be driven by a revival in the three main sectors of the economy: first garments, footwear and textiles, second non-garments such as electronic components, toys and bicycles and third agriculture. Ong said the economy probably won’t return to pre-Covid-19 growth levels until 2024 because he does not expect a revival in tou
  13. Tomorrow marks the anniversary of the 1991 Paris Peace Agreements (PPA) which brought the four warring factions in Cambodia to the negotiating table mediated by the international community that eventually led to an end to the more than two decades of civil strife in the country and the first democratic elections sponsored by the United Nations in 1993. Some 30 years later, government officials, scholars and ordinary Cambodians have looked back and expressed their views about how the spirit of the PPA has been fulfilled and translated into actions to ensure peace and democracy in Ca
  14. As Thailand became the first Asean country to permit travelers from Cambodia to enter Thailand by air from November 1, the absence of scheduled flights plus the absence of reciprocal quarantine requirements has put a damper on this development. Passengers by air from Cambodia to Thailand, if they can get a seat on one of the two flights per month charter flights, do not have to undergo quarantine on arrival if they are fully vaccinated. However, Cambodia requires at least a three if not seven day quarantine period upon arrival and the question that begs an answer is when is the qua
  15. Border Protection Police Forces on Wednesday found 50 assault rifles, as well as ammunition, hidden in a pond on the Cambodia-Thailand border, in Kamrieng district.Battambang Provincial Police deputy chief Colonel Lim Putheara told Khmer Times yesterday that at about 9am on Wednesday, police forces from the 819th Border Protection Police Regiment, in cooperation with soldiers of the 53rd Military Division, discovered the cache. Based on the Cambodian-Thai border, the men were patrolling through stream waters in a natural pond, located in Kamrieng district’s Trang commune, in order
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