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  1. In Pattaya I used to miss going into my Essex pub and ordering a Brown Split followed by a Boiler Maker, at weekends after payday I was rich, it would be a Black Velvet [stout + champagne]. All in the best possible taste, sheer nectar of the Cods.
  2. What does Thailand have to offer the rich? An unstable military regime, Heaps of paperwork, Incomprehensible language, xenophobic attitudes, Corrupt officials. On the plus side, there are knock off Nike trainers, Rolexes, and substandard Chinese fireworks.
  3. It is said, owning a boat is like throwing money into a hole in the water.
  4. I must thank the OP for publishing his plight, it could serve as a warning to newbies considering a Thai lady wife, although the UK is just as fraught with catastrophies, as most of us have experienced. Best to choose an ugly woman with a beautiful nature, and you've cracked it.
  5. Had a G Wiz small electric car, advertised range 45/50 miles. actual range 7 miles, hills killed it, 2mph climbing. new battery set £1000+ Visiting someone meant charging on their meter! Daily driver now is 35yr old 2cv, bought for £60, 20 years ago, utterly reliable, 45mpg. Normal folk would have 2/3 new cars in that time, so really minimal damage to the old planet.
  6. This thread is a load of codswallop. Back to the original thread when the monkfish turns up
  7. 'Racism' probably the most evil word ever invented.
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