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  1. https://www.facebook.com/informationcovid19/photos/a.106455480972785/378047573813573/?type=3 The above chart is the MoPH's CUMULATIVE per capita comparisons for Thailand and their selected list of comparison countries... Here's the CURRENT per capita comparisons for new COVID cases and deaths for Thailand and those same countries, where Thailand isn't looking quite so good, with more per capita new cases than the U.S. and Indonesia. https://ourworldindata.org/covid-cases?country=~THA~#daily-confirmed-cases-per-million-people Right now, Thail
  2. Probably in line with the prime minister's recent comments suggesting Thailand has fared better than some other countries in the pandemic, the MoPH today produced the following chart showing Thailand's per capita COVID case and death rates, cumulative since the start of the pandemic. Looking cumulatively, Thailand looks not so bad relative to other countries, though the comparison countries they chose to use are among the worst in the world and here regionally. https://www.facebook.com/informationcovid19/photos/a.106455480972785/378047573813573/?type=3 However, wha
  3. O Phetchabun, Phetchabun, wherefore art thou Phetchabun?
  4. Bangkok new COVID cases ticked up some on Monday, but still remained on a generally downward recent trend and well below the province's daily record of 3.997 COVID cases set on July 28. Sixty eight new deaths for the day brings the province's total to 2,527 and a 1.6% case fatality rate. Monday's 3,144 new cases for Bangkok is the third lowest daily total of the past week, although up from 2,899 the day before: https://www.facebook.com/informationcovid19/posts/378050187146645
  5. The trend continues of outlying province cases rising while the totals for Bangkok and five adjoining provinces as a group have been falling. Outlying provinces are the green line below (now up to 61% of new cases), whereas Bangkok plus the five adjoining provinces are the blue line below (down to 39% of new cases). The red line is total domestic, general population cases for Thailand. The case totals for Bangkok and its adjoining provinces had exceeded those of the other 71 provinces throughout most of the pandemic up until the past several weeks. Since then, the outlying province
  6. Total new COVID cases for Thailand reported Monday at 17,970 was the country's third highest daily total ever, slightly down from the two prior days of 18,000+ case counts, not entirely unexpected given that today's report is based on cases from Sunday, a generally low activity day. Same as always, the blue segments below reflect self-referred cases, the yellow segments reflect outreach testing cases, and the smaller gray segments reflect prison cases. https://www.facebook.com/informationcovid19/posts/378050187146645
  7. Recommendation from a MoPH vaccines subcommittee on the use of the newly arrived, U.S. donated Pfizer vaccines and their allocation to front-line medical staff: Recommends use of Pfizer vaccine as: --third shot booster dose for any front line med staff who have already received two doses of either Sinovac or Sinopharm --2nd dose of Pfizer for any front line med staff who have already received one dose of any vaccine. --recommends two doses of Pfizer three weeks apart for those front line med staff who have not received any vaccines thus far.
  8. With the added dark red zone provinces over the weekend, I see the government is saying those restrictions now cover about 40% of Thailand's total population. https://www.facebook.com/nbtworld/posts/10158177796817050
  9. The 178 new deaths reported Monday ties Thailand's all-time high for daily COVID deaths, matched only by another 178 deaths two days ago on July 31. Total COVID deaths pass the 5,000 mark for the first time, reaching 5,158. The 17,970 total new COVID cases reported Monday was Thailand's third highest total ever, surpassed only by the prior two days of 18,000+ case counts. The 17,795 general population portion of the total cases reported Monday was Thailand's second highest total ever. COVID patients in critical condition, even with the 178 deaths, still inched upward t
  10. Wanted first-hand experience of how the new process is working or not working.
  11. On my soi in central BKK, we had one of two 7/11's shut down lately, in exactly the same manner as the OP mentions. It's about a 600 meter long soi, and the one at the top of the soi closest to the main road is still in business, but the other one midway down the soi that's been open for many years just recently closed. The one that closed was a company store, not a franchise store. And the store staff confirmed to my wife, before they all disappeared, that it was an economic decision. But all told, even after the one closure, there's still three 7/11s withi
  12. Thai vaccines cumulative update as of yesterday, broken down by brand. Thus far, overall, Thailand has still given more Sinovac doses than they have AZ doses. Sinovac total: 8,699,803 AZ total: 8,000,079 Also worth noting - the chart below tells us there's 3.4+ million people walking around Thailand right now who have been "fully vaccinated" with double doses of the Sinovac vaccine (in fact, the vast majority of all double doses given here thus far)... That ought to be some cause for concern, apart from all the others, in a Delta variant virus world!
  13. Tough news for Air Asia staff who are apparently going to be going without any salaries for at least a two-month period: "it became necessary to announce short-term measures to postpone employees' salaries for July-August." Funny (sadly) that Air Asia was predicting and posting just yesterday that they hoped to resume their domestic flights by Aug. 9... Obviously, that's proved to be a broken hope.
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