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  1. The government's Deposit Protection law is designed to protect depositors up to the specific limit in the event a Thai commercial bank totally fails/goes out of business. However, the DPA scheme does absolutely nothing and provides zero protection for anything to do with financial theft, fraud, etc., regardless of who the stealing/thieving party might be.
  2. Thanks for that! FWIW, my wife has an incoming domestic flight to BKK at the end of this month via Nok Air... After reading the news report here, I've been bugging her to check with the airline about what they will or won't require both upon check-in and also upon her ultimate arrival to Don Mueang. This week, the airline called her to reschedule the time of her flight, and my wife said she checked with them then about the COVID rules. She says Nok Air told her no COVID testing or vaccination proof required from her flight originating in the Northeast and arriving to Ba
  3. Here's a link to my BKK CW retirement extension trip report thread from last month for 2021: fyi, AFAIK, the original 3 misc add-on forms have been in use at BKK CW for some years.... they're not new. But the fourth added form is a relatively recent addition.
  4. AFAIK, that place is basically a nightclub kind of place that serves Korean food. But the Sukhumvit Plaza building (little Koreatown) where XOXO is located is hardly Nana Plaza or Soi Cowboy...
  5. This is the main local Koreatown complex there. Don't see any farang faces in the photo accompany the OP... And I'd guess, given the location, there likely weren't any or many farangs there for this one. BTW, that's NOT any kind of "red light district" location.
  6. Interesting juxtaposition of info in the article you linked above... This: "adding that commercial banks regularly check their security systems to screen for suspicious transactions." vs. This: "According to the “Drama-addict” Facebook page, as many as 40,000 bank customers may have been affected by what they suspect is the work of hackers." From all the reports of bank fraud involving customers being mentioned here, it doesn't sound like the banks' supposed screening has been doing a very good job!
  7. Thanks for the info, Lopburi. That's exactly what happened to me last year at BKK CW... There seem to be conflicting reports here on the forum lately of whether people are or are not being asked to provide the two forms as part of extension applications. I've been trying to figure out what way the prevailing winds are blowing on this one. So every time someone updates their experience with this, it's a useful data point.
  8. Any chance you could post the pertinent QR code for Bangkok via reply here? I've got a wife making a return flight to BKK soon, and am struggling to figure out the requirements.
  9. I didn't include either my most recent 90-day reporting receipt OR my one and only TM30 filing in my retirement extension packet at BKK CW last year in fall 2020, and was asked for both by the IO handling my application. (Fortunately, I had both with me at the time, so was able to provide them upon request.) This year, I included both in my paperwork packet at BKK CW and both were accepted by this year's IO and not returned to me/kicked back. In all my years living here, I've always had a rental lease that I could provide if required. But as best as I can recall, have n
  10. I didn't really notice anything "new" about the letter format I received this year in mid-September from Krungsri Bank in BKK. But here it is (and it was accepted without comment or even much scrutiny by BKK CW Immigration. (The places where I whited out personal details I've noted on the letter with underline markings). I have the impression, each of the major banks have their own format for producing such letters. They don't seem to be uniform among the different banking companies. For example, @ThailandRyan KBank letter above is in Thai, and mine from Kr
  11. Just for the record, my retirement extensions at CW have been based on an original B visa... not an O or O-A... But I don't know that that difference has any significance in regards to the TM30 issue.
  12. I'd be happy if BKK CW itself would ever come up with a publicly available list of exactly what documents they want for retirement and marriage extensions. But in more than a decade living here, I've never seen such a list issued by BKK CW, although I do know other Immigration offices in other cities have produced their own such public lists from time to time.
  13. Such groups generally are corporate creations of the Korean (and similarly Japanese) music industries. For the most part, they're pretty/handsome faces / fashionistas that can, if need be, be substituted with others having similar looks / styles. AFAIK, actual composing / writing / playing talent isn't much required of these folks. But looking good on music videos is. So what kinds of actual talents they have might be a subject for some debate. "They returned last year with their Square Up EP, and are set to bring their In Your Area tour around the world this year
  14. That's what I'm planning to do, as a third private purchase dose following two original AZ ones under the government program. From all indications in the private hospital/Moderna world, that's perfectly acceptable. I originally registered with the private hospital for, and then later prepaid for, a single Moderna dose as a booster. But the chart the hospital sent me suggested I might/should wait 6 months after my 2nd AZ dose before getting the Moderna booster.
  15. I tried that back at a private hospital in BKK a couple months back, after I had received my first AZ vaccine via the government's program, and was hoping to get the second shot as a Pfizer vaccine. At the time a couple months back, I got registered and went thru all the preliminaries at the private hospital for the second shot being Pfizer. But just before the last stop to actually get the shot, I had to sit down with a guy hooked up to a computer terminal who took my passport number and promptly pronounced that I could NOT get a Pfizer shot because I'd already received one AZ sho
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