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  1. "and decisions made as to who would perform the swab tests. " open to offers... get your brown envelopes ready......
  2. "and the tourism sector, which accounts for 12% of GDP." other estimates are available.......frequently
  3. is there a Thai word for "solidarity" ? It is not the same as "Thainess"
  4. Meanwhile, what is actually being produced by the revered Siam Bioscience?? We rarely hear any figures for locally produced AZ .... Why is that?
  5. In Thailand it may even be a poke under the skin, so 2.1?? or is that genius innovative idea lost in the pile of BS now?
  6. are there any special links between certain hotel owners and the government?
  7. need to destroy the classic building because it is a perfect location for a shopping mall....... "It has been proposed that Hua Lamphong terminal be preserved as a museum, instead of being developed into a commercial complex, the minister said, adding that he has to make a decision which may not please some people because he has to address the SRT’s mountain of debt."
  8. Looking at the photo the "guns" seem to be less than cherished by their owners. Were they dug up from a field??
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