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  1. I’m perfectly aware that most domesticated animals can’t be released into the world! That’s not the point I was trying to make! The point I was actually trying to make is don’t domesticate them in the first place if you have then have to make them perform tricks to make money so you can afford to feed them! And I’ve only used the example of making prisoners perform tricks to show how ridiculous the other guy’s idea was! I’m also perfectly aware of the fact that a lot of animals don’t live nice lives because of us, hence I don’t want elephants having to perform tricks so the
  2. If humans wouldn’t capture elephants and domesticate them then they would “earn their living” by living out their natural life, instead their kept as pets. And yeah, they are expensive to keep, but here’s the kicker: if you can’t afford to feed them then just don’t fricking keep them in the first place! Also, some of the tricks they used to have elephants do and in some places still do is have them walk on tightropes which is totally unnatural for them and it hurts their feet. Most of the tricks you teach a dog on the contrary play off of what they would do/like to do anyway - big d
  3. Frankly I don’t see the problem. As the article says, elephants love water and as long as they don’t have to perform tricks it’s all good.
  4. Well, if it is PayPal then that’s good news because they usually look out for their customers and if they don’t cough up the missing money their reputation would be damaged irreparably, so they have to fork it out.
  5. Are you in the business or was that just a guess? Tractors are built to withstand a lot, just because the paint doesn’t look that good anymore after seven years doesn’t mean that it doesn’t function properly anymore. I grew up in a rural area and essentially all the tractors the farmers around us used were already decades old and they didn’t do a lot of maintenance on them either. They just keep running. I have no idea where the prices are at, though, but you will get some money for it and why let that POS continue to use it when it doesn’t pay for it? I’d take the tractor our of principal!
  6. Take the tractor back, sell it and what’s left over can surely be paid off without having to sell body parts!
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