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I have now lived here, for a total of just over years 13 years . First came over in 1988. I speak fluent "Thai as well as Mandarin Chinese" and have been married to my Thai wife for 7 of those years. I met her when I came out back in "88" in a small restaurant near Bangkok. Way back then, I rented a "straw - bamboo" hut for 50 Baht a day on "Khoh Samui" and fell in love with the country. Have sailed and toured Thailand ever since. We have had our own house and family in a "Moo Barn", on the outskirts of Bangkok now, for just over 7 years. I was made a "Gumagum Moo Barn" of our village 2 years ago (which translates to referee in English) but just means senior adviser/planner here. I am still in love with the country, my wife and family. Work/income wise, "my immediate family - my wife who sells new jewelery 2nd hand jeans and clothing, brother in law and his wife" sell mostly new and a few repo'd TVs, washing machines, sound systems, with small superficial defects like scratched paint/mar in the case etc, that prevent the shopping malls from selling them, during the day/evening at the huge "Sanamluong 2" market near us on weekends, that is coming to rival Chatuchak. This market is much cleaner, less expensive, less cramped and which has a huge variety of fish(even some 100 to near 200 KG Amazon catfish), all sorts of animals in much better/cleaner conditions than Chatuchak at the same price or lower. This market has 2 main areas. One, the loder section, is for plants, fish, birds and animals also feed. The other area started out as a big open, tent roofed and private shop 2nd hand market a couple of years, but now sells as much, if not more new goods, that range in variety from electronics both new and 2nd hand(like Klong Tom market), to clothing and shoes new/used of all types, to mostly good as well as some bad antiques, big choice of fresh clean inexpensive food and drinks(quality hot/cold cup of fresh ground coffee at 25 to 35 baht) and too many other things to list here. PM me on how to get there. One airconned bus I know of, goes from Victory Monument to about 1 KM from this market. There are 10 baht pic ups from there, or a 40 to 50 baht taxi ride. There is a large lake and garden, where you can relax, or have a pick nick. Will take a few days to see the whole market though. We also sell at 2 other markets during the week. Another family member has a big warehouse to store the electric stuff and the "inside track" to getting it from the Malls, which is handy.... We buy them low cost and put a small markup on them to move them quickly. Though less and less these days, I still do computer graphics/animation for a living. Time just is not enough. Hardly ever seem to get any time to take out my 50' Ketch these days. Not about to leave T/L any time soon!

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