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  1. As I recall, Skips were prawn flavoured puffs. Very morish.
  2. At the end of each day I am very happy to retire to my own room where I can set the aircon to my ideal temperature, have just one lightweight sheet on my king size bed, keep a reading light on for as long as I wish or watch TV without disturbing anyone, and have the whole bed to myself. When my wife shares my bed it is not for sleeping, and usually a morning or afternoon treat. Unfortunately, those opportunities are scarce just now as there is no school, so we are rarely alone.
  3. IMHO the purchase of submarines was, and is, a bribe to buy the RTN Admirals' support for the coup. The RTN has a history of attempting a counter-coup, albeit nearly 70 years ago, and is the second largest group of military personnel in Thailand.
  4. From an article in the newspaper that can not be quoted here, the Statute of Limitations in the 'Boss' case expires on Sept 3, 2027.
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