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  1. Just googling around, I came across this site - water engines. http://www.douglas-self.com/MUSEUM/POWER/waterengine/waterengine.htm I know that you (Owl) like reading. I think you will be particularly interested in the section about "The Fludd Pump". http://www.douglas-self.com/MUSEUM/POWER/waterengine/fludd.gif I have to be honest, I don't think your system will work (sorry), but I do hope that you and Mildred have a great time learning and discovering.
  2. Stalker: I'll be watching you (Every single day) (Every word you say) (Every game you play) (Every night you stay) I'll be watching you. Victim: I'm calling the police. Stalker: We are The Police.
  3. In the original diagram there's a stop valve at the bottom of the inlet pipe, so water shouldn't return to the well. The problem is with the outlet pipe. A non return valve would not be much use there, as it will be open as soon as water flows outwards. Once it is open there will be an opportunity for air to be sucked back towards the tank. Like holding a bottle of water upside down, water can be flowing out while air is being sucked in to replace the vacuum.
  4. I think that will be your biggest problem. The vacuum will seek the easiest way to maintain the volume in the tank as water exits. As air is weightless, it will be much easier to draw air into the system than water. Nice project to keep the old brainbox ticking over. Keep us posted.
  5. How will you stop air from rushing back up the outlet pipe to replace the vacuum, like it does in a water dispenser?
  6. She applied for a body-double part in a new movie. The casting director said although he wasn't sure he could use her arms or hands, he'd certainly be happy to find her legs a part...
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