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  1. The information you give from the website is interesting. It suggests that results of the survey may be skewed upward in terms of English proficiency because the large masses who don’t want to learn English, would not form part of the survey. in terms of westerners learning Thai, this thread is about the proficiency of Thai’s speaking English. If you want to talk about westerners speaking Thai, start a new thread as it’s a different subject.
  2. I’m thinking of visiting Singapore for a week. The question I had about the pass is how long the health insurance has to be valid. I mean, I live in Thailand on a retirement visa and will use a re entry permit for traveling in and out, so does the health insurance have to be for a year, until my 1 year visa expires, 90 days, or some other arbitrary time period? if anyone has any information on that I would be very interested to know.
  3. I think you are missing the point of my anecdote. I was referencing the endemic ripping off of tourists in Thailand. Of course there are fixed price shops to buy ice creams, I had a ton of the stuff in my freezer that I bought from Macro.
  4. Who said I was happy? I paid it as a sort joke, proof of the type of scams going on type thing. I’m not happy the guy thinks I would be such a sucker to pay such an inflated price and I made sure in a joking way that he knew, that I knew, he was ripping me off. and you are missing the whole point of the story. Ripping off tourists is endemic in Thailand from a humble ice cream seller, to big companies to government and everything in between. THATS the point. it’s the case in other countries of course, prices are higher in tourist areas, higher in tourist season etc. the
  5. Coming off a beach in Phuket the other day an ice cream vendor on a motorcy sidecar type thing, charged me 30 baht for an ice cream. My girlfriend bought the exact same thing from the exact same guy at the exact same place the previous day for 10 baht. Only difference is that she is thai. i paid the 30 baht just for the joke of it, but it sums up how tourists get cheated all the way up and down the line. Always have done.
  6. I follow your logic. Where it falls down is when the cops allow those same people they just fined, to continue on their way still helmetless, without licence ( therefore no insurance) and without passport. can you explain that?
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