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  1. I suspect you haven’t ever owned one? Or did you have a bad experience yourself?
  2. I have a MB C43 AMG. 400bhp. Great car, but not as fast as a Porsche.
  3. Personally I bought one because it’s fun to drive. An annual trip to bangkok from Udon for service is part of the fun. it’s only money and if you’ve got it, why not spend it? I can’t take it with me. If you haven’t got it, I don’t see why it’s necessary to make fun of those who have. Nothing wrong with a Toyota, it still gets you from A to B in comfort. if you think a Porsche is a status symbol then I think it says more about you than the people who own one. Money and the things it buys doesn’t make anyone a better person.
  4. He did percentage numbers based on those numbers that are available. He could hardly do them on numbers that aren’t. Notwithstanding the very large increases based on official numbers, we all know the situation is probably even worse. But can only estimate how worse.
  5. https://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/commentary/what-happens-if-people-stay-unvaccinated-hospitalisation-death-15338698
  6. Yeah, I was working in Private banking in Singapore at the time. Took over the office in November 1997 after relocating from Europe. Welcome to Asia.
  7. I don’t think you disagreed with what I said. What you did was to extrapolate the current position, which as I said is not as bad as 1998, and then added on future phases that are likely to happen. None of which I disagree with by the way. but the original question that I answered was, why isn’t the baht depreciating when the situation is as bad as 1998. My answer was that currently it isn’t as bad as 1998. Next year when the second, third, fourth waves that you describe, come about, maybe. But 1998 was pretty bad. The whole country was bankrupt, some very major companies
  8. https://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/commentary/myanmar-super-spreader-covid-19-state-doctors-15336516
  9. https://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/asia/covid-19-thai-hospital-containers-store-bodies-15348720
  10. I didn’t realize there are flights from Phuket to Utapao. I guess if they came into Phuket early July, then from 14th July onward some will have been eligible to fly there.
  11. Okaaay. Let me detail what I meant. Yes Covid was circulating initially. Then there were many months of very few or no cases countrywide. The point of debate is whether during that period of officially no or next to no cases, Covid was actually circulating but was undiscovered due to lack of testing. In other words the period between the original strain outbreak in March 2020 and up to the samet sakhon outbreak. some say Covid must have been circulating widely during that period despite there being very very few officially recorded cases. Others say the official numbers were correct.
  12. What is nonsense then? The experience of his gf is different to your gf. Different province, different police force presumably. Just because his experience is different to yours doesn’t make his nonsense, it just highlights a variation in the application of laws in different provinces.
  13. The point of a comparison isn’t just to compare identical countries at identical phases of the pandemic. It’s not always about whether one country is outperforming the other based on entirely the same set of circumstances. for example, comparing the results of a highly vaccinated country against those of a lowly vaccinated country can be very useful/informative. You could say that is the case when comparing the UK and Thailand. Yes, there is all sorts of noise in the numbers, but to some extent those can be estimated and made allowance for. so to say it’s worthless is g
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