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  1. Surely Russell Crowe can sing and dance a bit, and he's already in town.
  2. No. See the requirement as stated on the London embassy website; 3. COVID-19 test result with a laboratory result indicating that COVID -19 is not detected (COVID test must be by RT-PCR method), issued within 72 hours before departure -- Some airlines do not accept home kit tests so please check specific requirements with the airlines you are travelling with. From 1 April 2021, Fit to Fly health certificate will no longer be required to go to Thailand. Other things remain the same.
  3. According to the TAT news release if you arrive "quarantine free" as you are entitled to do from the UK you can go wherever you like after you get your negative arrival test result. "9. If testing negative for COVID-19, travellers can go anywhere in Thailand." https://www.tatnews.org/2021/10/quarantine-free-thailand-reopening-for-vaccinated-tourists-from-1-november-2021/
  4. Bear in mind that for a visa exempt entry you will need a return/onward flight within 30 days. If you get a tourist visa you'll get 60 days on entry (no trip to immigration needed) and your return ticket can be one you want to use rather than have to change.
  5. Depends on the country they arrive from, on the approved list or not.
  6. The company also reconfirmed that at total of 1.9 million doses of the Moderna vaccine will be arriving in Thailand in the fourth quarter of this year, while the remaining 6.8 million doses, ordered by the Government Pharmaceutical Organization, will be delivered before the end of March next year.
  7. According to the TAT news story running elsewhere; "For returning Thais and foreign residents, it is not necessary to be in an approved country for 21 days or more, as long as they are travelling from Thailand to the approved country/s and return within the last 21 days."
  8. For going into AQ (earlier SQ/ASQ) that is the case and always has been. Of course airlines might impose their own rules.
  9. Google points you in this direction, might be a start at least..... General Communicable Disease Division, Building 5, Floor 6, Department of Disease Control, Nonthaburi Province - call 0 2590 3232, 0 2590 3234 to 35 or email [email protected] For more information, please contact the Department of Disease Control hotline at 1422.
  10. She doesn't need a sponsor or guarantor. She just needs to demonstrate that she can afford the trip, has somewhere to stay, and will return. That said, lone female Thai holidaymakers are probably a rare breed indeed and her application will need to be pretty bulletproof to succeed. To practise English it might be easier to go to Singapore.
  11. According gov.uk a vaccination certificate is OK for travel from Thailand. It needs to meet the following; If you use a vaccine certificate as proof, it must be issued by a national or state-level public health authority, be in English, French or Spanish, and include as a minimum: your forename and surname(s) your date of birth vaccine brand and manufacturer date of vaccination for every dose country or territory of vaccination and/or certificate issuer
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