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  1. I contemplated it but couldn't find a run away slave to do the hard work. And anyway the Dauphine and his companion are long gone.
  2. Twice. But Roughing It many many times. Always take it as a travel companion.
  3. I knew that , being a great fan of Twain , but you answered your own question too quickly and stole your own cheap trinket from under my nose. Name another well known writer pilloried by Twain or hand over my trinket.
  4. In my teens , ( 45 years ago ) backbacking around Greece, I met two Norwegian girls. Unfortunately they wouldn't. Luckily an Irish girl would. Wasn't it good, that Irish would.
  5. Buy any Chinese phone you like. The CCP will get a tax bite from it which they really need right now to push forward their invasion of Taiwan. A digression ? Yes. But also the inescapable truth. Bothers some people but not others. Samsung are world leaders in smartphones. South Korea could use the tax bite.
  6. Ah, the blue shoes are a dead giveaway. A Tory civil servant if ever I saw one. Don't know who the bloke on the right is but yes, pretty similar.
  7. Killjoy They are the representatives of our government as you say. Therefore , if I have an axe to grind against said government , who is to be my millstone other than these career diplomats. Should I go to my local noodle seller and give her an ear full when I find my government wanting ? No. He is on a nice salary so any flak that comes his way he will have to suck up just as we do when we get ripped off by the embassy. I won't bother going into why visa applications to the UK have been farmed out to an unscrupulous profit orientat
  8. If Newin moved to Bangkok with his tribe that average would drop to about half of that
  9. Offer to build a 6 foot wall around his property for free. Then fill it with water.
  10. Using same technique. From drinking almost daily a couple of years ago I decided to have 2 days off a week. Last year was 3 days off. This year so far averaging 4 days off. Never drink before 6.30 pm and never after 10.30 pm. In addition I have 3 or 4 dry out sessions a year , each one longer than the last. Started at just a week, now up to 16 days.
  11. I was slow off the mark because I had booked Moderna which failed to materialize . 4 weeks to first, second jab 3 weeks later ( next week in fact ). An important thing for me is that I didn't have to leave our province to get it. Could have had sinovac plus Astra earlier but I needed something I could easily travel with.
  12. None of this is going to happen. The covid situation is changing as we speak with new variant which will probably kick back the November opening.
  13. It's free and registration online is , for a change , very simple. From getting confirmation email to first jab was 4 weeks in my case although this may vary . Two Pfitzer shots.
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