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  1. Its all been said and covered before ad nauseum. The collated news is useful and thats the only reason I still contribute but it's no big deal to me. If it went up in smoke tomorrow , no big deal. News is still out there , just not collated so conveniently.
  2. Yes. I used to make it but don't bother now. First , you need an oven. Second , it's not worth powering up the gas oven unless you have other things to put in ( banana cake bread and butter pudding ,. bread , ribs etc ) Tasted good but not really worth the effort.
  3. You have to define normal first. If you mean as it was three years ago then probably never. Shanghai used to be a hotbed of sin between the wars.. It never regained its former ' glory ' And neither will Thailand. If covid is ever brought under control then Thailands reputation as the fleshpot of Asia will be a thing of the past. There will always be sex for sale just as there is in any major world city but it will cost as much as it does in Hamburg or Amsterdam etc. The days of cheap sex have gone forever and with it a lot of patronage from Western countri
  4. Long drives in the hills , cooking , playing guitar, gardening , reading , chatting with webcam girls and if all else fails :
  5. After the meeting he probably dropped his bombshell : ' By the way, when those Moderna vaccines you ordered arrive the government must have half of them to give our friends and backers etc. Thanking you in advance for your co operation i this. '
  6. And shoots girlfriends in the head when dumped. Deserves the same treatment. Why waste time on him.
  7. No , nobody has forced him. He has decided he can't wait and has decided to fly home.
  8. Nice deflection but the fact is two wrongs don't make a right and this government has handled the vaccine role out very badly.
  9. What breed of dog is it ? Some breeds are more aggressive than others. Big difference between a poodles bite and a pitbulls.
  10. So he will carry on closing his eyes to the reality of the current situation.
  11. I saw a sexy Filipina girl online wearing a t shirt that said ' Vaccinated and ready to procreate ' It didn't actually say procreate but something with a similar meaning.
  12. Thoroughly deserved but won't get too far. If they can have a formerly convicted drug smuggler on the team then any complaints against that whole team, including Anutin , won't amount to a hill of beans.
  13. Goodness gracious me. Is it anything like this ?
  14. As a former tax payer i find this largesse totally unacceptable. These surplus vaccines must be allocated to those most in need....the unfortunate asylum seekers crossing the channel in inflatables in search of a better life. If I read in the Daily Mail of just 1 asylum seeker who has had to go without on account of this misguided policy, I will write to my MP , the right honorable Abdulla Britmantoo in the strongest terms. Boris, you have been warned.
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