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  1. Well as a positive you may get some respite from the music when the the monks are doing there chanting at the house opening.
  2. What's the ratio of land purchase price and house build or was land for free.
  3. Vinegar is one of the main ingredients in Organic weedkiller. Might be an old wifes tale,my mum used to put clear plastic bottles full of water out in a row to keep the cats away.
  4. Above is the Weedol ingredients. 2-4D @ 160 baht/litre would be your cheapest non selective broadleaf chemical option and readily available in most Ag shops. If you want to take out species of different grass then you will need to identify the unwanted plants and use a selective herbicide(more expensive) which is a little more complicated. If i had lawn here i would use chemical for the broadleaf weeds and hand pick the others. Each to there own depending on size of area and appearance required.
  5. Which delisted free agent would you take? In Norf's case our 4th pick in the draft is very high forties. Personally i would for go it for maybe a Brander(eagles),Naish(tigers),Constable(cats),Duman(dockers)and many others instead. What would you do and if who?.
  6. Thanks KS. It's become a lot clearer now with your explanation. My wife has a farm number book(similar to blue tabien) from local ag office which is linked to her Baac account as she received a payment back around December into her account. She just checked on phone and looks like auto updated for this year. I think i will do a trip to local ag office next time when i pass just to clarify the payment system. Whether it's a straight out meet the highest quality/moisture or a sliding matrix scale. If it's only the 1st criteria could be worth an extra 60-80K/baht in
  7. Thanks for that.(helpful as always) If i may could you ask her one more question. Where would she register for this price insurance,is she already in the BAAC system and a matter of showing the millers receipts to bank,not sure of initial step to set up. I think i have the room here to mess around with 14 ton if i can get the maximum price.
  8. Hi KS, Had to do another trip to town today for school again so went the other way thru Phuphaman,that borders on Chaiyrapum(something like that) province and a lot of standing and flowing water in the fields.Certainly a lot more affected than where i am,i think some runoff from Chulaporn dam comes down there if they open the gates as well. Not sure when the rain is going to let up as had another 85mm in last 4 days. Good to see the drone price coming down but can't see how they will stay in business at the low prices. Got a bit excited when i saw a harvester in the village
  9. Enjoy reading this thread. Keep up the good work. Found this that might help you.
  10. Any rice growers out there who can help us out with the requirements. Registration process,storage,etc. My wife has given documents to the Pui yai ban and she said each farmer gets 15 rai (no other details) for rice but i think that is something different to the pledging scheme from what i've read. Tia
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