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  1. Same here in Belgium , where practically all rules are out from 1st of October . This isn't the case for the whole country , since not the whole country got the same vaccination lvls , but the part i live in +90% of adults is vaccinated and of the +12y olds even +70% of them are vaccinated . The daily numbers appear to be good , low hospital admissions , let's all hope it stays that way .
  2. Not the most equal comparison imho . Tesla by far not the cheapest electric car on the road . There are certainly cheaper electric cars on the market , but on the other hand it can be said also for the Toyota Camry ( i am well surprised how cheap that is over there but ok ) . Electric cars can be charged at home and can use solar panels to fuel your electric car , unless you got a oil refinery in your garden , then this is never possible with petrol car . Many electric cars now have also the reverse charging option , meaning , you can use the battery of your car to power your home , like
  3. How much do you know about those technologies or chemistry ? Hydrogen : a dream , since only water comes out , 100% reusable and unlimited supply . However there are a few problems . Superhigh compression needed , and limited fuel capacity . Hydrogen by itself is extremely light , so using 1kg of fuel ( hydrogen in this case ) is already taking up some serious space . Burning it in a normal combustion engine is possible , but you wont get far , since the weight/power issue and the bad efficiency of combustion engines . The other option is much better , which is what some car makers a
  4. I was under very slight hopes to come this y by the end of october , but i but i skipped the plan . I might come in January , if the situation is better . Right now , there is just no point .
  5. Yes , lithium batteries can catch fire . They are the same batteries as used in your laptop , cellphone , electric tools .... . Battery technology is evolving , getting safer , more capacity , higher charge and discharge rates ... Electric cars from a few years ago aren't the same like the cars sold now , and will not be the same in a few years also . Electric engines outperform any other kind of engine by multiple times in power/size , wear and tear , torque . Yes there are a few cars going up in flames each year and due to more electric cars driving around there will be more fires
  6. If you are vaccinated , you have done your job . You can't do anything more . You can spread it , but the window of transmission is smaller , since your antibodies are already working on finding all infected cells . Transmission rate is lower with vaccination then without , but the main reason is not to get sick ( or mild ) . No worries , we are getting there . Infections without being sick is actually quite good ( well not infected is better , but in the light of the worldwide spread , then we know everybody will get it at 1 point ) , because it again boosts your immune system to r
  7. Your 90% is not the real 90% . Many European countries have higher vaccination rates then Israel . Israel was faster in vaccination , no doubt about it . And here you see how well the vaccination works https://ourworldindata.org/grapher/israel-severe-hospitalizations-age?country=~ISR Vaccination does not make you not get a virus , when you come in contact , vaccinated or not , you will get infected . Before your antibodies react , it is spreading in your bloodstream . Then , your antibodies try locate all covid infected cells and kills them , aka you aren't sick or if your antib
  8. How come , does your Sofar ES5000 not work on its own ? Or is it because you put your discharge rate at 500watt , and is too low for the consumption you want ? Cutting power consumption is always helpful , it cuts your cost , less solar power needed , less storage needed , less electric bills ... At 10.6 kWp installed , you would expect to have any normal house powered well enough , even with large aircons installed . Only thing lacking is probably in your case batteries , which you do got but maybe not enough or you handle them too gently . I do however understand as it is a building sys
  9. Everybody will eventually die , that is a fact , and so far none have survived . Would the high cholesterol kill them , maybe , but they didn't die from high cholesterol now would they died from diabetes , maybe , but they didn't die from diabetes would they have died from flu or from pneumonia not related to covid , again maybe but not the case right now ... They might have died from car crash , falling coconuts , strokes , cancer .... but right now they did not die from those things . They died from complications related to covid . All the twisting and turning doesn'
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