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  1. Nope it's as you previously stated, person in charge making the rules....
  2. A balanced and well written article at last, thank god you understand the additional issues attached to dealing with people who can make life way too difficult if they so wish, irrelevant if everything is in order, as required by law, they have a warren of rabbits under their hats to make sure you'll pay in the end. Too many holier than I know it all unhelpful people on here, shame it's a good source of info and help in a country far removed from western logic.
  3. Ah seems they do have to send the application to headquarters, my apologies for incorrect suppositions.
  4. Course it was a bloody lie, end of story??? call their bluff!!!! blimey what planet????
  5. Who the heck is talking about using an agent...I'll consider the rest of your suggestion and statement, not for long!!
  6. Yes I did take that approach, respectfully stated that it should only cost 1900, was told thats right but they have to apply to another office, cannot do it here!! Asked for discount etc etc, would'nt budge..
  7. As mentioned all was as should be, funds, from abroad, seasoned, (but not neccessary for first change to under consideration,) bank letter, statements, etc etc
  8. I don't think it wise to state offices, I know of one IO who keeps an eye on "farang media" and those from the donkey sanctuary, no I'm not paranoid and I've been here a long time to tread carefully!
  9. You either haven't been here long or not even in the country....
  10. They did, said it was cost to change now...
  11. IO... of course I'm not going to say where, a receipt for a bribe!!!
  12. Have always accepted the occasional, I help you help me scenerio, but just how much is enough? Have been asked to pay 15K to change from a tourist visa to a non o for retirement, have all the requirements met and am going along with it, guess i have no choice, been here a long time and wish to stay as well, but they can make more problems if I don't accept this! Hopeing it settles after this, but a little aggrieved with it is there any way to stop this excess, some others are having even worse suggestions for a "tip" !
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