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  1. On 12/25/2017 at 4:54 AM, genericptr said:

    I'm too poor to be in Thailand I guess. No one I know back in the US has 20k unless they're working hard at their job and not messing around in Thailand like I am. :)  I love Thailand but if I had more money I would only be here 3-4 months out of the year (bad driving, pollution, noise affects life quality too much) and in which case just use tourist visas. Just my thoughts.

    I think any online fivvrr worker or other such bugman worth his salt won't give this 'professional' visa the time of day.


    Seriously you are going to spend so much money on a visa like that how will you even make ends meet trying to earn money online? Unless you are some international architect or top level consultant liking Thailand enough to partially relocate this is a milking scam. The Elite Visa is probably more their style.

  2. 6 minutes ago, ubonjoe said:

    Hull is still doing tourist visas. Not sure where you heard they were not doing them.

    Info here: http://www.thaiconsul-uk.com/

    The embassy in London will also do a tourist visa in person or by post.





    And this now tells me the London Embassy is wanting applications 'in-hand' which means the same thing as in person.





  3. you know top charoen optician; have shops everywhere, blue and white branding always seem to have short skirted female staff sitting in the window and hardly ever any customers.

    i often wondered how they made any money and suspected they may be a front for money laundering.

    i was dating a thai lawyer last year and mentioned this to her, she said they had been investigated for exactly these activities but cleared.

    i still dont know how they make any money...

    Super-wealthy Thais basically patron many big businesses from the top-down. That's how a lot of these stores are too. They build the place and business as a gesture and it helps keep people paid in wages and raises the area's prosperity. They can afford to spend the money and waste it because they have even wealthier people by throwing money down the line into these projects.

    If you tried to do the same thing as a farang you would lose. You could not maintain the momentum like they can and get away with it.

    An apartment complex I was living in year had a Chinese owner who not only made money on the apartment block but had a massive hardware store he ran with his family helping. That's just a small scale example. They juggle it and basically one feeds the other. Over the decades and family line that's one way how they make the $$$$$$ to reach the top.

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  4. Pretty sure they would prefer a person who speaks their own language

    If you want millions of chinese to visit your country you need to show flexibility or they will go elsewhere

    and how can they prove he was working? is taking photos now illegal?

    It's called a sting operation. The Thais are quite good at it when it suits them. In the USA it is called 'entrapment'

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  5. Mrs told me this morning of a friend of here who left her I phone in one of the crash master vans yesterday.

    Was returned to her this morning by the driver.

    Must be that Thainess thing we see posted so often on here.

    I left my passport in a taxi once down in Phuket. It was Sonkhran and the middle of Patong area!

    The taxi man drove all the way back, took him about 8 hours through the traffic. He wouldn't accept any money either!!!

    Amazing Thailand! This was in 2001 IIRC.

  6. Told or ordered?

    It's so tricky to tell the difference nowadays.

    Told or ordered? What does it matter.?..I wouldn't do either..why should a lot of these street-shitters and pissers be especially welcomed? Government tells people to do this and that...but they are not there to experience the aftermath...I think these same ones to give recommendations and orders to be the same ones to experience what the ©hinese leave behind. Idiots...

    Shiting and pissing iin the street is hardly eclusive to the Chinese. There isn't a day goes by I don't see a local, mostly taxi drivers but others as well, pissing by the side of the road. Spitting in the street is also a common practice among the local population. It's a cultural thing in some parts of Asia. The real show though is in the UK on a Friday and Saturday night at club chucking out time. Pissing and shitting in the street with the added bonus of projectile vomiting. As I said - it's hardly an exclusive Chinese thing.

    Don't backstab your own people you!! Chinese practices as mentioned previously take place when sober oftentimes so don't go out of context!

  7. .The Germans started a war,and lost.

    No they didn't! They had land stolen from them at Versaille in 1919! They were sick of having their people killed by the poles (see the Bromberg Massacre) and decided to retake Eastern Prussia, their land in Bohemia and joined with Austria (who wanted to join them).

    It was Britain that declared war on Germany, NOT the other way around!

    Jews weren't the backbone either! I don't where you pulled that from, they were a tiny minority!

  8. Why not just buy BB gun? Seriously, full metal body and good quality look almost the same as real one, it is legal and hurt like hell when fired on someone for defense.

    That's not a bad option. You need the parts changed out to accept metal bbs. The rubber mag-seals can perish and leak out air over time.

    Not a bad option and a lot more affordable.

    I left mine with a friend and some thai low-life came and pinched it!

    Never employ a BB gun in place of a weapon. Never bluff. An example would be the instance she employs it and effectively chased them away from the house, only to have a drive by with the house sprayed with bullets moments later. Or, aiming it, nervously, her bluff is called, and an assailant now takes out his pistol. Buy a BB for fun, but not safety. Really.

    It's more for soi-dogs and changed up piss-heads really. Some areas I've lived in will have them running away. Drive-by the house? Not unless they want a police crackdown and mass-arrests against their gang, not going to happen.

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  9. The police offer was, I feel confident, an under the table deal. Don't buy from him. Every time he needs cash he will be back to see you, as the gun will be illegal, you will have to pay up.

    I'm not sure about the Internet shop deal but its probably under the table too. The lower price would be because it's an old, much used gun and possibly used in previous crimes.

    The correct procedure is to obtain the permit first and then buy a new gun from a dealer or a secondhand gun from a registered owner or dealer. The new gun is preferable every time.

    To obtain a permit your wife must satisfy the head of the local government office I can't recall the exact title) that a need exists. For example ... a gold shop owner or someone that for some professional reason needs to have large sums of cash with them after the banks have closed, say perhaps a car dealer.

    I'm sure that you understand that a "spot of oiling the wheels" is still necessary. No amount of extra oiling will get you a permit if your need can't be proven. It's going to cost you 1 to 200,000 ฿ to get the legal gun into your hand.

    Your stated need for a gun is not sufficient in my mind and I don't think it will work. Having a permit for a gun does not entitle you to shoot in a public place. Using a gun as a threatening (self defence) device is risky. If you point the thing at a bad guy you have to be prepared to use it ... Or he could simply take it off you.

    Save your cash and freedom by giving up the idea, it's a bad one.

    Some BS in your post.

    Need for a gun can be varied. I want to target shoot, I want to collect guns, I want to protect my self from criminal-burglar / home-invader etc etc.

    Unless your wife has a criminal record you're good to go. No need for bribes but slow if without them.

    Some beautiful areas of Thailand tend to have lawless low-lives in them and if you are a farang you are an instant mark for crime if you aren't careful. You city-types have no idea.

    No bullshit intended. A permit to collect guns, target shoot or protect your home does not permit carrying the gun in public as a concealed weapon for personal protection.

    I hope that clears things up for you.

    This is Thailand, not New York State or New Jersey. The permit for transport is what Thais use to carry it around in their trucks. If going out shopping you DON'T leave the gun in the truck in case it's stolen. This is how you carry the weapon. For the range yes that too of course. Magazine in pocket and unloaded firearm concealed in bag, under jacket etc. It doesn't take long to stick a magazine in if things get hairy. :)

    That should clarify things for you too!

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  10. Why not just buy BB gun? Seriously, full metal body and good quality look almost the same as real one, it is legal and hurt like hell when fired on someone for defense.

    That's not a bad option. You need the parts changed out to accept metal bbs. The rubber mag-seals can perish and leak out air over time.

    Not a bad option and a lot more affordable.

    I left mine with a friend and some thai low-life came and pinched it!

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