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  1. I thought the insurance requirement was only 100,000 usd covid policy until the non o 1st expires if based on marriage? coming into Thailand from another country
  2. Wow not surprised by that answer! I would have thought for sure if you are retired drawing social security that would be good enough in addition even if you are not drawing social security but can prove 12 months are transfers from your bank outside the country would be ok. As you said yes it is up to your local IO but what I see all to often in the staff changes in the office then the rule that was ok last year is no longer good this year!
  3. I agree somewhat but based on the fact that you can get covid insurance outside of Thailand how does that benefit the government? It will still have somewhat of a hurt on tourism only because it is another added fee to there holiday.
  4. Does anyone know yet with Bangkok opening back up that after you get your re entry stamp and leave and come back and you are vaccinated (IE no more quarantine for 14 days) Will the rule change where you wont need covid insurance anymore for the duration of your current non o visa?
  5. If you just prove the money came from your USA bank account and transfer the required amount in Thai baht to your Bangkok bank on a monthly basis for 12 months that is all that is required should you choose that route?
  6. Ok thank you another question Is it correct that as long as you show 12 months of bank statements of 40,000 thai baht or more from a non thai account to a thai bank account that you would not have to prove it was from social security? Do they only want to see the 12 months of transfers of 40,000 thai baht or more? Thank you
  7. I have used US global mail for some time and never had any issues and like the other poster said I was able to choose a state that has no state income taxes as my address.
  8. When I log into wise I see several choices as to why you want to send I see a choice that says (for long term stay in Thailand) Not sure if that is the correct one because I don't see a choice (Immigration purposes)? I am not but I thought I was reading an earlier post something fft code on the bank transfer when you update your bank book. Thank you
  9. I will be having my checks deposited in a Usa bank account and use transfer wise as the method of proving the monthly income instead of the 400,000 Thai baht keeping inside Thai bank account. My question is when you use transfer wise to send the funds to your Thai bank account how does immigration know and do you need to show any other type of proof other than the 12 months of bank statements? Thank you
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