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  1. https://medex.co.th/service/covid-test/ This is the one I used before I came back to the USA it is right near the Phra Khanong Bts. Safe travels to you and your family, Thank you for all your positive advice.
  2. Just to be clear my Thailand pass test and go is approved for arrival on November 30th, However I am now arriving on December 1st. My flight number that I used when applying did not change only the date of arrival to the 1st of December. I also changed my hotel to match the dates of arrival on the 1st and check out on the 2nd. I switched to a different hotel than I had applied for but the hotel is approved for test and go and all is legit with my reservation. My only concern is getting to Thailand on Dec 1st when actually I am approved to arrive on November 30th. I guess I am looking too
  3. Yes I was wondering only about the arrival date changing I arrive on the same flight number I used when applying however I thought it was close to midnight on the 30th but when I checked it was actually midnight on the 1st of Dec so my hotel is different dates now then what I had applied for but I am thinking it won't be an issue to arrive one day late.
  4. Question regarding upcoming trip. My Thailand pass is test and go and the date of arrival is November 30th, However because of a flight change I won't arrive until December 1st. Any cause for concern because of this??? My insurance is fine and also my hotel is fine as well. Thank you
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