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  1. There's still a sizable group that doesn't want the country to open up to foreign tourism.
  2. Yes, back in the "old" days it was very easy to open a bank account. Just show them your passport (Thais use their ID card) and your account is opened very quickly. Visa type/Work Permit of no interest to them. I have opened a few different bank accounts over the years, the first back in 1989 as described above. Do make sure that you open the account at a branch that is convenient for you to go to and is also accustomed to dealing with foreigners. This will help you a lot over time.
  3. "If a tourist has a positive Covid test when they arrive or a negative test but is seated next to someone who had a positive test, they will be quarantined for 14 days at their own cost. This was not announced at the time of border opening. According to local media accounts, this has cost some travellers between Baht 50,000 and, in one example, Baht 350,000. The relatively high costs of Covid tests at the airport, the 500Baht entry fee that will be implemented in 2022 and collected from a booth upon arrival, are putting people off from planning a trip to Thailand." Additionall
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