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  1. I have a 3 year old 55" Samsung HD 4K Smart TV. Love the features on it. Youtube HD 4K videos play very nicely on it with a very crisp picture.
  2. People (Thai government I assume) with vision and Thailand should not be in the same sentence! I think that by 7 November they will start wondering where are all the tourists? 15 November they will be very worried when hotels only see a very small increase in tourists arriving. 22 November an announcement that a committee is being formed to launch an investigation into why the tourists didn't arrive yet. 29 November blame Somchai.
  3. I'd rather be driving one of these bad boys on the streets of Bangkok and Nakorn Nowhere but this thread isn't about me nor is it in the OP's (or mine) price range.
  4. I got the first Pfizer shot in April and the second shot on 3 May. I had no symptoms or reactions at all from either shot. My shoulder at the injection site was sore for about 24 hours both times.
  5. I would wait until after the New Year to make a booking. Obviously the learning curve on this will be severely tested by the Thai government as they adapt to the influx (or not) of tourists entering the country.
  6. The very first post by the OP is very clear. He is flying from Thailand to the UK on 2 Nov. He will return to Thailand from the UK on 20 Nov.
  7. Good luck on your flights both to the UK and returning to Thailand. A follow up thread about your experience going through each country's bureaucratic mess would be informative to all.
  8. Probably would have been better to have left the bike with your brother-in-law before leaving Thailand.
  9. I really like the Toyota Fortuner. I've usually had very good experiences with Toyota products. I've also had a Honda CRV which was very good. Not so sure about the newer CRV's as they seem to be using smaller engines. Hopefully someday car manufacturers will start exporting the hybrid cars to Thailand. I've driven some of them and really like them. Very easy on the fuel too. When you can get 17km/L in an SUV the size of a Fortuner you will be very happy! Corolla hybrids are even higher at 22km/L.
  10. Both yes and no. Yes, if you send your kid to a public university in another state they pay the out of state tuition price. If you are an international student you also pay the out of state tuition price. The out of state price is the same for both US citizens, permanent residents, and international students. Disneyland in Anaheim, CA is one amusement park that I know of that has discounts for locals. I don't know all the details of it though.
  11. Yes, most, if not all, are closed. In the next re-opening phase either previous owners will open up their establishments or new investors will move in and take their chances. Some places will remain closed as I don't think there will be as many businesses as before. We have come back from market downturns before and I think we will come back again. Granted, this time was far worse than previous financial meltdowns.
  12. The Go-Go bars and beer bars (Bar Beer?) will be back in Pattaya once the country is fully re-opened. They will definitely not be back to the huge numbers like in the early 2000's but they will be back to some degree. There is too much money to be made by too many people to let it just totally fade away. Pattaya has always adapted to the changing trends and markets starting with the American GI's in the late 60's up until Covid-19 shut everything down.
  13. Not afraid of death so much. More afraid of the long slow ride before arriving at deaths doorstep. My father slipped into dementia/alzheimer's in his 80's and passed away at age 93. His last 6-7 years of life were not that good. Despite having two double heart bypasses in his late 70's and diabetes, it was the big A that finally took it's toll. My Thai wife passed away from brain cancer but never suffered as when she was diagnosed it was already too late. Passed away some two weeks after first being diagnosed. My Mom was a pillar of health until diagnosed with bladder cancer. She
  14. Yes! Watch the last few episodes as well. You might want to watch El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie when you finish the regular series.
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