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  1. Thanks @Ubonjoe, I know the conditions for a NON-O visa, I had everything with me today. - For the first time in over 10 years, they didn't accept the 800K+ bank statement because it was from yesterday afternoon as always before. - They also did not accept my 30 year lease contract (copy of registration from Land Office Phuket in my name) for my house - instead TM30 MUST be filled out and 'notarized'. But sorry, I was not asking for the necessary documents NON-O, but for the necessary documents and other forms for the application for another 30 days visa excempt.
  2. Just to be on the safe side a question: If I have to do the +30 day extension visa exempt at Phuket IO by myself: Which documents plus how many copies of them plus 'TMs?' plus ....... need to be submitted?
  3. Thanks @jackdd, good to know. Nevertheless, I am waiting for a recommendation for a reliable 'honest' Phuket agent who will take all the hassle of immigration off my hands - for a fee, of course.
  4. Thank you, I know about the extension +30 days. But I would not like to do that personally either. However, I have read that the NON-O application may only be made after the first visa excempt 30 days, not after the +30 days extension. Is that correct?
  5. I (German) arrived at Phuket Airport on November 14 by visa excempt 30 days. For a NON-O application in Immigration Phuket plus 1-year Retirement Extension later on I am urgently looking for a Phuket agent who saves me the stress with the IOs - it's now certainly because of my age All documents are in place and completed, including THB 800K+ for years in a SCB account in my name. Went to Immigration Phuket today - very crowded and totally stressed officers. I am certainly willing to pay for an experienced agent -I just can't and won't do it by myself anymore.
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