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  1. Not really. You have to go to Phuket Town anyway, so I do it on the way to immigration. As for Covid fear. You do realise that all touchable surfaces anywhere have the possibility of harbouring Covid. I'm just not that paranoid and I'm not going to wear gloves. I just can't live that way.
  2. I'm aware of that, but why sit and wait in the bank until your number is called? So easy and quick to take out 100Bt. The only reason why I would do what you post describes is if I had exactly 800k and was unable to withdraw anything. That'll never happen.
  3. You need to show that your balance meets the requirements. If you don't do a regular update, the bank lumps together transactions, so the dates are unknown and you can't prove that you met the requirements. As I've said before, I do a small transaction just to get a print-out in my passbook and this was recommended to me by immigration and they explained why.
  4. Why? So much easier to take 100Bt and use the machine next to the ATM to record the transaction. I have slightly more than 800k, so can withdraw a small sum. Of course, this must be done at a bank equipped with ATMs and book updater.
  5. You don't have to deposit on the day you go to immigration. You can withdraw 100Bt if you want. Just so long as there is an entry in your bank account for that day.
  6. Funny I should be reading this right now as I'm just off to take 100Bt from my Savings account and then have the transaction printed out by the machine into my passbook. I do this every month on, or around the 15th since my last extension. This is what I did before the previous extension. Never had a problem with immigration. The bank supplied one document saying that I have always had more than 800k and the other is a three month statement. I'm on their computer system and have always extended due to retirement. Maybe your mate's bank account doesn't have any entries. Your mate
  7. Seems most people with good overall vision start needing glasses at around 45 to 50 years old, so this is when the lens starts to harden due to age, so you have another 15 to 20 years before you will be affected.
  8. Sorry, but I was specifically told not to do Lasik.
  9. Yes, performed by Dr. Captain who was excellent. He is still there as I saw him a few months back. I still have 20/20 vision according to the test. No glasses for me ever again. Before the surgery I needed one pair for reading and another pair for long distance.
  10. DO NOT do Lasik. After years of conflicting advice (do it, don't do it) from doctors here in Thailand, I talked to an Australian eye-doctor in Perth. He told me that Lasik was designed mainly for children who had astigmatism (cornea uneven thickness) and should not be used to correct increasing lens hardening that happens due to aging. If you have Lasik, it'll work for a couple of years, but as the lens becomes even less flexible, you end up at the same point you were at before Lasik. There is only so much cornea that can be shaved by laser. Also, you don't fix the root cause of
  11. Ahem.........not everyone lives in a country that has subsidized medicine. And some that do, might have to pay full cost, or wait years because it's elective surgery.
  12. Skip glasses and contact lenses. Do Lens Replacement Surgery. Not cheap (but relatively cheap in Thailand), but it lasts a lifetime and results are amazing. Best money I ever spent.
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