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  1. No savings. Exactly! He could have tried to take her to his own country, at least she would have been looked after in her old age.
  2. That doesn't look like the official international certificate. Where do you get that?
  3. Got mine yesterday, too. Lots of people, so I thought "just my luck". After 15 minutes, my number was called. Seems foreigners and Thais got priority over the Burmese, who were the majority there.
  4. Every day in Thailand is a "monsoon". Either SW or NE monsoon. The words describes the prevailing wind.
  5. One of the multiple choice questions on my motorbike license exam was "When you park a car, how far should the front wheel be away from the kerb? 15cm, 20cm or 25cm.
  6. The OP hasn't mentioned any tests performed whatsoever and I know an MRI will detect what I have in mind.
  7. These symptoms sound too serious to not go and see a doctor immediately. An MRI scan might put your mind at ease with a negative result on a potentially fatal condition. If it was me, I would be off for an MRI scan this afternoon.
  8. Oh dear........a young 'un who has yet to learn how to present the bait more naturally and with subtlety. It's at times like these that I remember the quote "Growing old isn't so bad once you've considered the alternative".
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