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  1. Bped is a Pattaya Beach regular and well known for hanging out on the beach with friends and previously causing trouble, although mostly petty crime. “I don’t have money and am unemployed. I needed money to buy whisky and illegal drugs for me and my friends. Pattaya has begun to have tourists again with money after a long closure due to Covid-19 so I decided to attack one for cash.” It's obvious why there is a alcohol ban at restaurants: the BiB can fine the owners and make money. Thugs on a beach on the other hand...
  2. Drunk Driver: "Gonna top me up my points today, hic. Watch the video, catch me some zzz's, hic."
  3. ... implying of course that on other issues MPs can be bought. So, how much is an average price for an MP? And..., are there specials? Black Friday Sales? Coupons? Garage Sales?
  4. from the article: Yup, they all follow regulations that they have put in place, don't they.
  5. Omicron's behavior will adhere strictly to the result of this survey!
  6. But if you were invited, you would be gushing on and on about it in vindicated righteousness...
  7. reading the article I just replaced every instance of "police said" with "police lied", and then it sounded plausible
  8. It's rather your PM and your made up government party that wasn't invited
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