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  1. Discover PrikHut – 40 capsules of pristine, organic kratom from Northern Thailand, brought to you by PrikPot, Thailand’s revered medical cannabis purveyor. [Chiang Mai, Thailand] – PrikPot, a renowned name in the medical cannabis realm in Thailand, has expanded its wellness repertoire with the introduction of PrikHut, a premium line of Organic Kratom Capsules. These capsules epitomize a rich tradition of natural wellness, embodying the potent essence of premium quality, organic Kratom harvested from the fertile regions of Northern Thailand. Each can comprises 40 capsules, with each capsule encasing 500mg of organic Kratom powder, totalling 20 grams of Kratom per can. Learn more about PrikHut Kratom Capsules here: https://prikpot.com/product/kratom-capsules-green/?ref=2932157-79232a Kratom has been cherished for generations in Southeast Asia for its plethora of purported benefits. The PrikHut Kratom Capsules encapsulate this age-old wisdom, offering a natural alternative to contemporary wellness solutions. The mild dosage of 500mg per capsule is designed for a swift energy boost, making it a natural companion for individuals seeking to replace that extra cup of coffee with something grounded in traditional wellness. PrikPot’s venture into the realm of Kratom with PrikHut signifies a harmonious blend of age-old botanical wisdom and modern wellness needs. The meticulous cultivation and encapsulation process ensures that the integrity of the organic Kratom is maintained, providing a pure and potent botanical solution for those in pursuit of a natural energy lift. Individuals and traditional medicine practitioners have reported a variety of potential benefits associated with Kratom use, which include: ● Pain Relief: Kratom is often cited for its potential analgesic (pain-relieving) properties, possibly due to its alkaloids which are believed to act on the opioid receptors in the brain. ● Energy Boost: Some strains of Kratom are believed to increase energy and stamina, possibly due to its effects on metabolic processes and hormone levels. ● Mood Elevation: Individuals have reported feeling an elevation in mood, or a euphoric effect, following Kratom use. ● Anxiety and Depression Management: Some people use Kratom to manage anxiety and depression symptoms, although this use is not backed by scientific evidence. ● Sleep Aid: Certain strains of Kratom might have sedative effects that can help individuals with insomnia or other sleep disorders. ● Opiate Withdrawal Relief: There are reports of individuals using Kratom to ease the symptoms of opiate withdrawal. ● Appetite Suppression: Some users have noted appetite suppression as an effect of Kratom, which could potentially aid in weight management. These effects can significantly vary between individuals and are dependent on the strain and dosage of Kratom, among other factors. Learn more about PrikHut Kratom Capsules here: https://prikpot.com/product/kratom-capsules-green/?ref=2932157-79232a Medical Disclaimer: PrikHut Kratom Capsules are available for purchase by individuals 18 years of age or older. Pregnant or breastfeeding women are advised not to consume Kratom. It's crucial to consult with a medical professional before using Kratom, especially for those withexisting medical conditions or those currently taking medications.
  2. SEPTEMBER 2023 GOING OUT TO 11759 SUBSCRIBERS WWW.ISAANLAWYERS.COM [email protected] ­ +66 (O) 84 471 5775 NEW OWNERSHIP, DIRECTION, SERVICES, COMMITMENT & REPUTATION Isaan Lawyers was founded in 2006 and has been assisting Expats, Overseas Nationals and Thai ever since. However, what many are still unaware of is that the firm was sold and taken over from its predecessor, Sebastien in December 2021. We are Thailand's go to Law Firm for Expats and Overseas Nationals and for good reason. There are others firms that try, but there is only one us. NEW OWNERSHIP Isaan Lawyers (International) is now run by John Spooner LL.B, FCILEx Adv, PSAr, a British and International Lawyer, Duty Solicitor, Fellow and Member of the International Bar Association. John still practice's during the year back in the UK with Court Commitments and Worldwide with International Police detention cases. Read the profile for John and the rest of the team here. https://isaanlawyers.com/team/ NEW DIRECTION Since taking over as CEO and the firms Foreign Affairs Client Manager the firm has developed its practice toward that of Western standards, the office has moved location address (only slightly) and its staff has expanded greatly. NEW SERVICES The firm has offices in Thailand and the UK and deals with a broad range of Thai legal services and some services for UK nationals such as UK Visa, Conveyancing, Last Wills, Court of Protection matters and more. We also offer Online & Remote Thai Notary Public Services from the comfort of your own home. MISSION STATEMENT AND COMMITMENT Isaan Lawyers International will provide expert legal advice, bring Western standards of care and professionalism to Thai legal practice and provide a multi national service at an affordable price. The firms reputation has gone from strength to strength and our clients old and new are impressed with our service levels, professionalism, commitment and our affordability. REPUTATION & AFFORDABILITY Being located in Isaan but with Lawyers covering cases Nationwide allows us to keep ahead or our competitors in places such as Bangkok and Pattaya whilst keeping our overheads down. The savings are reflected with our affordable professional fees for our clients. If you don't believe us check for yourself with the big players like Siam Legal Chun & Chun etc. We know you will be back. See one of our latest client reviews from this week OK, SO ENOUGH ABOUT US WHAT ABOUT YOU? HERE ARE SOME ARTICLES WE THINK YOU MAY LIKE. 1. LAST WILLAND TESTAMENT IN THAILAND ONE OF THE MOST IMPORTANT PROTECTIVE DOCUMENTS IN THAILAND FOR EXPATS AND OVERSEAS NATIONALS AND THIER WIFE IS A LAST WILL, ESPECIALLY WHERE YOU HAVE LAND OR HOUSES IN THE NAME OF YOUR WIFE, WITHOUT A LAST WILL PROPERTY FALLS TO LINE OF SUCCESSION AND AS THE EXPAT YOU COULD LOSE EVERYTHING TO FAMILY MEMBERS. PROMOTION FOR SEPTEMBER IF YOU QUOTE NL1 FOR A LAST WILL YOU WILL RECIEVE A 500 THB DISCOUNT!! READ OUR IMPORTANT ARTICLE HERE https://isaanlawyers.com/last-will-in-thailand/ 2. THAILAND WHAT TO DO AND WHERE TO GO THERE ARE MANY BEACHES, MOUNTAINS, CITIES, CUISINES, SMELLS TASTES AND CULTURES TO BE FOUND IN THAILAND, IT TRULY HAS SOMETHING FOR EVERYONE. READ MORE HERE https://isaanlawyers.com/thailand-what-to-do-and-where-to-go/ 3. THINKING OF LIVING IN THAILAND Are you thinking about living in Thailand, there are many benefits to be had, pace and quality of life, low costs and overheads, culture, weather, cuisine and more. Read our short article here. https://isaanlawyers.com/living-in-thailand/ 4. HOW TO CHOOSE THE RIGHT LAWYER IN THAILAND AS THEY ARE NOT ALL THE SAME, NOR DO THEY WORK TO OUR LEVELS OF PROFESSIONALISM, STANDARDS AND AFFORDABILITY. If you are an expat or an overseas national living in Thailand, Choosing the Right Lawyer in Thailand as an Expat or Overseas National is vital. You may need to hire a lawyer for various reasons. Whether you are dealing with immigration issues, property disputes, business contracts, divorce, or criminal charges, finding a reliable and trustworthy lawyer is essential. However, choosing a lawyer in Thailand can be challenging, especially if you are not familiar with the legal system, the language, or the culture. Here are some tips on how to choose a lawyer in Thailand as an expat or overseas national. Read our article here to assist. https://isaanlawyers.com/choosing-the-right-lawyer-in-thailand-as-an-expat-or-overseas-national/ CONTACT US & APPOINTMENT BOOKING SYSTEM ­ CONTACT US & APPOINTMENTS ­ Where you need to contact us or you need to book a legal consultation it can all be completed conveniently from the comfort of your own home by email, voice call or video conferencing, however if you are local why not drop in and visit us at the office, the coffee is always on!! 1000 THB for 30 minutes You Just Cant Beat That, Well Not For The Correct Advice!! CLICK THE BUTTON ABOVE AND IT TAKES YOU TO OUR CONTACT PAGE WHERE YOU CAN EMAIL US, CONTACT SPECIFIC DEPARTMENTS BY EMAIL OR DROPBOX ENQUIRY OR BOOK AN APPOINTMENT TO SPEAK WITH US IN PERSON OR ON THE PHONE OR VIDEO CALL FROM ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD. Thank You For Choosing Isaan Lawyers As Your Trusted & Tested Legal Services Firm. We have been assisting clients since 2006 and are still Thailand's go to Law Firm for Expats and Overseas Nationals. J Spooner LL.B, FCILEx Adv, PSAr. Chief Executive Officer Isaan Lawyers International. Foreign Affairs Client Manager,Practicing & Regulated Lawyer, Duty Solicitor, Fellow & Member Of The International Bar Association. [email protected] (+66) (0) 84 471 5775 1849/13 Sueb-Siri (Times Square) A. Mueang, Nakhon Ratchasima 30000, Thailand. isaanlawyers.com
  3. Why should you consider to buy policy with excess? The Thai car insurance market is unique compared to other Asian market and worldwide. That's because most of the car insurance policies sold in Thailand are without excess. Based on our experience at Roojai.com, this is one of the reasons for the high number of road accidents in Thailand. Contrary to common belief, no-excess policies do not benefit the customer, the insurer or the overall society. The only winners in this context are the agents and brokers earning higher commissions on inflated insurance premiums. What is the Insurance Excess? The excess is the maximum amount that a driver will payout for an accident when they are at fault, or there is no third-party involved. It is, in simple words, the amount of risk that the driver retains before the insurer takes over the rest of the bill. If the driver is not at fault in a car accident, they don't have to worry about the policy excess. The insurer will recover the damage from the third-party at fault, and the excess will not need to apply. Here is an example. Let's say a driver hits a pillar in a car park. They have a 5,000 THB excess on the car insurance policy, and the car repair bill is 12,000 THB. It means that the insurer will pay 7,000 THB, and the driver will pay 5,000 THB. It is pretty straightforward. If the car repair cost is 3,000 THB, the driver can repair the car, without submitting an insurance claim. In this way, the insurance premium and the No Claim Bonus will not be affected. Here is why no-excess insurance is worse. Most drivers believe it is better to have an insurance policy without excess. You have nothing to worry about, and the insurance company pays for everything in case of a car accident. It sounds great. Not if you look a bit deeper on how car insurance prices work. When there is no excess, every little damage becomes an insurance claim which requires the insurance company to intervene. For example, when someone reports a 3,000 THB claim for a small dent, the car insurance company will open a file and have a claim handler to send a surveyor to review the damage. Then they will discuss with the garage to approve the car repair. Afterwards, they will receive a quotation from the garage, authorize it, receive an invoice and pay the invoice. That is a lot of people managing a lot of paperwork for a 3,000 THB insurance claim. The cost of handling an insurance claim is on average, about 2,000 THB, without including the actual repair. While customers may think they do not have to pay, the insurance premium calculation includes all these expenses, and they impact everybody. Statistically, one accident out of two is for an insurance claim below 5,000 THB. These claims generate very high costs for insurance companies. The companies, of course, include these costs in the car insurance premiums. Why are so many no-excess car insurance policies sold in Thailand? If it is a lose/lose situation for both driver and insurer, why is no-excess insurance so common? The simple answer is because there is one big winner in the transaction: the intermediaries. Agents' and brokers' remuneration is a percentage of the car insurance premium. They usually get paid 18% of the premium so the higher the insurance premium, the better for them. For this reason, they tend to promote insurance policies without excess with the simple message: 'It is much better for you. You don't have to pay for anything, and the insurer will pay every cost'. It is indeed a great simple message. But one that does not stand scrutiny because you are paying much more upfront than you should. Let's have another example. The average car repair cost is 10,000 THB per year. An insurance company needs to manage all insurance claims, including small claims : On average, 3000 THB for the whole servicing of policy (issue policy, send documents, offices, etc.) Out of the 3000, 1000 THB is for managing insurance claims, out of which 500 to manage small claims below 5000 THB. Then the agents take 18% of the total car insurance premium. So the total insurance premium is: 16,000 = 10,000 (car repair cost) + 2,000 (insurance company expenses, non-claims) + 500 (manage claims of more than 5,000) + 500 (manage small car accidents) + 3,000 (broker agent commission % of insurance premium) Now, continuing with our example, let's assume the customer choose excess insurance of 5,000. On average, it will reduce the repair cost carried by the insurer to 5,000. It will also reduce the cost of managing insurance claims by 500 by removing the small claims. The cost without commission becomes 5,000+2,000+500 = 7,500. The intermediaries are taking 18% of the premium, but now the car insurance premium is 5,000 + 2,000 + 500 + 1,600 = 9,100 The customer would have to pay the excess when they have a car accident at fault or without a third-party, which is on average an additional 5000. That makes the total cost on average 9,100 + 5,000 = 14,100, which is a saving of 1,900 THB. This saving comes mainly from the broker remuneration, reduced from 3000THB to 1600THB. Also, there is a 500THB in cost-saving from the insurance company since they don't have to manage small claims. One can easily understand that the main losers in this equation are the intermediaries, and that's why most intermediaries will advise you to buy a no-excess insurance policy. Another benefit of excess insurance is that small insurance claims won't be reported. So, they won't impact the driving record of the insured driver with his insurance company. At the time of renewal, the driver can benefit from an improvement in its No Claim Bonus. Why would it benefit customers and society if more drivers used insurance policies with excess? Another benefit of policies with excess is that drivers with an excess drive better. On average, people with insurance excess do fewer road accidents. If a driver knows that a car accident will generate a cost, he/she will take fewer risks. With a no excess insurance policy, the driver bears no consequences in a car accident. It would not be a big deal if that caused implications only for the driver and its car. Unfortunately, reckless driving has an obvious consequence which often can lead to injuries or death of other people. There is a correlation between the high number of road accidents in Thailand and the preponderance of zero excess insurance policies. In conclusion, we strongly advocate for buying an insurance policy with excess to save money, for yourself and others, and to reduce the risk of road accidents. Roojai.com online car insurance Expect more, save more
  4. The purpose of employee health insurance in Thailand is to look after employees’ well being under government mandated rules and regulations. At best, these provide standard coverage without taking into account the unique needs of each employee and are not effective long-term solutions. In this article, we will take a look at the pros and cons of corporate health insurance, what private health insurance plans have to offer, the importance of securing private international health insurance for your expatriate journey, and how an insurance broker like Pacific Prime Thailand can help. The Benefits of Employer-Sponsored Health Plans Generally speaking, the benefits of employee health insurance are evident when you require basic care at a hospital during employment. While the coverage amount may not be significant, it is practical and adequate as a countermeasure to protect employees from minor illnesses and conditions. Another great advantage of employer-sponsored health plans is their average waiver and wait times, which provide employees with coverage from the first day of their employment to their last, regardless of pre-existing conditions and pre-medical screenings. The Drawbacks of Employer-Sponsored Health Plans The drawbacks, in this case, are rather self explanatory. Coverage ends as soon as employment ends, and any costs incurred from illnesses or health conditions treated at hospitals shall be paid directly from your pocket. Another important drawback of employer-sponsored health plans is that their terms, benefits, and scope of coverage are decided between the employer and insurer, which does not account for the differences among the needs of employees at different stages in their careers. Moreover, employer-sponsored health plans are capped, which may more or less result in an employee having to pay out of their own pockets for substantial amounts that exceed the coverage limit as specified in their plan. Lastly, employers continuously work with insurers to limit their liabilities and save money. At any given moment in time, conditions may shift and certain types of coverage may be removed. The Benefits of Securing Private International Health Insurance Making the decision to relocate to a new country is a major life change. It also brings fresh difficulties, the most serious of which is access to quality medical care. When living abroad, many people tend to struggle to find affordable health insurance that suits their needs. In addition, depending on the visa type, Thai law may require expats to carry medical insurance. Obtaining insurance from a Thai company satisfies the first visa requirement. The second step is obtaining additional coverage from an international insurer. What’s more, while Thai insurance policies are generally inexpensive, they may not offer the same level of protection as more pricey private international policies. This necessitates that expats carefully consider alternatives to the Thai health insurance plans' coverage. As a result, it is important to shop around for a more personalized private international health insurance policy. By working with an insurance agent, you should be able to locate a medical coverage strategy that fits your needs and finances in no time. To provide an easier-to-understand overview, we’ve listed below a few of the most compelling reasons to invest in private international health insurance: Direct Billing Direct billing is one of the most important selling points for policyholders. This ensures that every medical fee is paid for and charged directly from an insurer's network, eliminating the hassle of paying from your own wallet or having to settle lengthy claims processes. Flexible Plans By dealing directly with an insurance broker, you’ll be able to customize every aspect of your coverage. This helps match the benefits with your specific needs and, most importantly, your budget. This outcompetes employer sponsored health insurance plans, which are limited in scope and coverage. Private Healthcare Access Access to the finest private hospitals and clinics in one's host country is one of the main benefits of having private international health insurance. In addition, private hospitals have excellent connections to insurer networks, provide care with international standards, have shorter wait times, and have staff members who speak English. Lifetime Renewability Securing health coverage as an older person can be a challenge. A lot of insurance companies are reluctant to insure those over the age of 60; however, by working with an insurance broker, you should be able to find plans with lifetime renewal as an option. Insurance Brokers: Why You Need Them In an agile business environment saturated with information, the last thing you want is to be confused by what your insurer has to offer or how you’ll be covered. Eliminating this confusion is the job of an insurance broker, providing you with a full and simplified understanding of all benefits and coverage terms. Secondly, when it comes to insurance, miscommunication and misunderstandings can lead to unhappiness and dissatisfaction. Another job of insurance brokers is to make sure that every client is happy and satisfied with their conditions and coverage terms. This is because an insurance broker’s success hinges upon the satisfaction and trust of expat clients, who trust brokers to act as their intermediaries in securing a comprehensive international health plan to fit their unique needs and budget. Pacific Prime: Health Insurance Simplified for You Pacific Prime is an award-winning intermediary that equips individuals moving abroad with the knowledge and self-assurance to make informed insurance decisions. Our insurance specialists offer first-rate assistance, individualized plans, and a fresh perspective on medical care to international clients. With offices in Hong Kong, Shanghai, Beijing, Singapore, Dubai, Bangkok, London, New York, Miami, Los Angeles, Mexico City, Cebu, Dublin, Kuala Lumpur, and Jakarta, our experience and understanding of international health insurance enable us to provide the best advice and services to our expat clients. Here are a few ways we can guide you: Provide you with an understanding of every available insurance plan Providing unbiased guidance via phone call Assist you in selecting a plan to suit your unique needs Help you throughout your expatriate journey To get started, contact us or compare quotes today.
  5. Notary public services and top tier customs law advice are key for successful expat life in Thailand. Attorney Ployprapat Nora-On’s Opendoorlawyer.com platform offers in person notary as well as E-notary solutions in the most competitive, data secure and efficient manner available. Documents eligible for E-notary attestation include: Signature witnessing wherein a notary is required to certify that a document has been duly signed by the holder. Document authentication for certification of true copies of original documents when copied in our presence either in person or in digital space (note passports must be viewed by us in person - upon request we provide this service on an outcall basis at no extra charge). Notarised translations ,we offer notarised translations for documents in English, Japanese and Russian. If there is another language you require a notarised translation in please don’t hesitate to contact us to see if we can be of assistance. Juristic Persons, The full suite of E-notary services offered to private individuals is also available to juristic persons in the execution of their corporate duties. The juristic persons; signature, position within the corporate structure and signing authority must all be attested to prior to work on documents concerned with the juristic person’s corporate duties can be executed. These preliminary documents are kept in cloud storage and may be referenced for future attestations depending upon the specific circumstance. In addition to being a fully certified notarial services attorney, Ployprapat Nora-On has an 18 year career with the Thai Customs Department under her belt. The issue of Customs clearance in a foreign country can seem daunting to the uninitiated but it’s actually very straightforward and transparent with the right advice on your side. We have un-paralleled resources to draw on in this practice area and frankly we enjoy it, call us with your Customs query today! (we are available weekends and after hours if need be) We encourage you to check out our blog which has answers to more of the common import/export questions that arise with expat life in Thailand. 25% OFF PROMOTION - Coupon Code Asean23 Please use this coupon code in email or at checkout on our website Email: [email protected] Telephone: (+66) 0889566446 Website: https://opendoorlawyer.com/
  6. 6 Ways to Stay in Thailand for the Long-Term [Free Guide] So you’ve decided to stay in Thailand long term. Whether your reasons are for family, work, or you simply love the country, you’re curious about how to move forward. Below are six ways you can stay in Thailand long term, ordered from the most familiar to more unconventional options. Each visa category is broken down by key decision factors, such as length of stay, core requirements, and price. While this article is by no means exhaustive, it will provide you a quick way to explore your long-stay choices. 1. Non-Immigrant O Retirement visa Most expats are likely familiar with Non-Immigrant O Retirement visas, often referred to simply as Retirement visas. Who is it best for? If you are 50 or older, want a relatively easy-to-obtain visa, and price is a key consideration, a Retirement visa is your best option to stay in Thailand long term. Compared to all visas with the exception of Elite, it requires the least paperwork. Length of stay 1–5 years Must file 90-day reports Ability to work No Key requirements Age of 50 or older A minimum of THB 800,000 in your Thai bank account for two months or longer, or a THB 65,000 monthly income (can be from a pension) Price THB2,000–10,000 2. Non-Immigrant O Marriage visa The technical name for this visa is a Non-Immigrant O Dependent visa. While it can be applied for to stay with a spouse, a child, or an adopted child, it’s often granted to foreigners wishing to stay with their Thai spouses, hence the popular name Marriage visa. Who is it best for? If you are married to a Thai national and are interested in working in the Kingdom, then a Marriage visa is probably your best option to stay long term. Length of stay 1 year, with possibility to extend for another year indefinitely Must file 90-day reports Ability to work Yes Key requirements A minimum of THB 400,000 in your Thai bank account for two months or longer, or a THB 40,000 monthly income Married to a Thai national Price THB2,000–5,000 3. Long-Term Resident (LTR) visa Introduced in September 2022, the Long-Term Resident visa (LTR) is for “work from anywhere” professionals and wealthy individuals. The three most popular LTR visa classes are Wealthy Global Citizen, Wealthy Pensioner, and Work-From-Thailand Professional (remote worker). Who is it best for? If you are interested in making Thailand your second home or are curious to see if you’ll enjoy living in the Kingdom for several years, the LTR visa offers one of the more affordable options on this list. It also comes with perks, like the ability to use Airport Fast Track Service, report to immigration once a year (instead of filing 90-day reports), and fly in and out of Thailand without a re-entry permit. Length of stay The initial visa is for 5 years and can be extended for an additional 5 years for a total stay length of up to 10 years. Ability to work Yes Key requirements All visa classes require a minimum of a $40,000-$80,000 annual income for two years prior to application. The other key LTR visa requirements vary depending on which category you apply for. Below are the major requirements for each type: Work-From-Thailand Professional: You’re currently employed by a public company listed on the stock exchange or a private company that’s been in business for a minimum of three years and has earned at least $150 million during that period. Wealthy Global Citizen: You have at least $1,000,000 in assets and a minimum investment of $500,000 in Thai government bonds, foreign direct investment, or Thai property. Wealthy Pensioner: You are 50 or over and earn $80,000 US dollars of annual passive income. Price THB 50,000 4. Permanent Residency Like its name suggests, Thailand Permanent Residency (PR) makes you a permanent resident of the country, meaning you can stay here for an unlimited period without a visa. Who is it best for? If you envision spending the rest of your life in Thailand, PR is your best choice outside of Thai citizenship. With it, your stay is no longer attached to a visa. This means you no longer have to bother with 90-day reports or annual extensions and your immigration status won’t interfere with your freedom to make choices in your career, business, and life. What’s more, becoming a permanent resident is an important step on your path to citizenship. Length of stay Forever Ability to work Yes Key requirements 3 consecutive years on your current Non-Immigrant visa Paying Thai taxes on an THB 80,000–THB 100,000 monthly salary (if you apply for Permanent Residency under the business category) The ability to carry a basic conversation in Thai for 10–15 minutes Price THB 103,300–199,000 Note: The application window typically opens in October and closes at the end of each calendar year. To set yourself up for success, download our Thailand Permanent Residency Interview Guide. 5. Thai Citizenship The ultimate dream for those who love Thailand and wish to make the country their permanent home, Thai citizenship provides you all the unique benefits that only come with a Thai passport, and then some. Who is it best for? If you plan to spend the rest of your life (or the majority of it) in Thailand and can satisfy the major requirements of PR/marriage and a consistent job, then becoming a Thai citizen is probably your best choice. What’s more, if you really want to set up a life here and own property or become the majority owner of a company, Thai citizenship is your only option. Length of stay Forever Ability to work Yes Key requirements You’ve held Permanent Residency for at least five years or you have a Thai spouse and at least three years of uninterrupted extensions on the same visa. You’ve worked in Thailand for at least three consecutive years and earned a minimum salary of THB 80,000 per month during that period. If you have a Thai spouse, the monthly salary requirement is reduced to THB 40,000 per month. You are able to write and speak Thai. Price THB 10,000 6. Elite Visa The Elite visa is for high-net-worth individuals who don’t mind paying a significant amount in exchange for an easier path to stay in the Kingdom. Who is it best for? If you want your stay in Thailand to be as effortless as possible while receiving VIP treatment and having little immigration obligations, then the Elite visa is your best option. It comes loaded with perks, like limousine pickup to and from the airport, countless promotions on luxury services, and much more. Length of stay 5–20 years 90-day reporting is still required, but a Thai Elite staff member can handle it for you Ability to work No Key requirements A big draw of the Elite visa is the incredibly easy application process. The only noteworthy requirement is that you must pay the entire visa fee upfront. Price THB 600,000–2,140,000 Join our free webinar 👉 Beyond the Annual Extension – How to Stay in Thailand for the Long-Term 👉 Tuesday, Sep 19, 6:30 PM - 7:30 PM 👉 Click here to register Want to learn more? We’ve created a free extended guide that goes into even more detail about each option. Realize your dream: Stay long-term in Thailand While many of the above options have a long list of requirements that can overwhelm the average expat, the application process doesn't have to be time-consuming, confusing, or difficult. Baan Thai can simplify everything. We’ve helped countless expats, just like you, make Thailand their home. In fact, I’ve gone through the exact decision criteria outlined in this article, and now I’m lucky to call Thailand my permanent home. If you’d like help applying for any of the long-term stay options above, contact us today. We can walk you through the entire application process—providing you all documents, clarifying each step, and coaching you through any potential interviews with Thai officials. What’s more, we’ll always be a quick phone call or email away if you have a question or concern. And you’re always welcome to swing by our offices. Make your dream of staying in Thailand long-term a reality. Get in touch today. Mark Friedman Managing Director Baan Thai Immigration Solutions About Baan Thai Immigration Solutions We are an immigration-focused international law firm based in Bangkok with over 70 years of combined legal experience. Our team of bilingual counselors are experts at helping expats make Thailand their home. If you’re in need of friendly, professional advice, don’t hesitate to contact us. Phone: +66-93-498-5955 Website: https://btisolutions.co Email: [email protected] Read Google Reviews Address: 208 Wireless Road Building (Suite 1102) 208 Wireless Road Lumphini Sub-District Pathum Wan District, Bangkok 10330 Thailand Map and directions
  7. Traveling Abroad? Visa Tips for Thai & Expat Couples [Free Guide] So you want to travel abroad with your Thai partner. Maybe you’d like to introduce the family or give a tour of your hometown. Perhaps you just want a romantic getaway. But there’s one problem: You’ve discovered gaining entry to many countries on a Thai passport is much more difficult than the passport you’re holding. What can you do? Should you change your destination or is there still hope? Securing a visa to almost any country in the world is possible, even on a Thai passport, but you have to be a bit strategic. Here are some ideas to help you travel abroad more easily with your Thai partner. The path of least resistance: 10 popular countries Thais can travel to easily If you just want to go on a holiday for a couple weeks, there are dozens of countries with little red tape. Below are 10 popular destinations that are visa-free or offer visa-on-arrival for Thai passport holders: Maldives Hong Kong South Korea Jordan Solomon Islands Fiji Madagascar Kenya Argentina Brazil For a more comprehensive list of easy-to-travel-to countries for Thais, check out this forum post. The 5 most difficult countries/regions for Thais to visit If you’d like your Thai partner to visit one of the more popular western destinations, you’ll likely encounter more strict immigration requirements. Below are five countries or regions that present the most difficulty for Thai passport holders: United States United Kingdom European Union Australia Canada Without proper preparation, rejection is likely. You may need to book all your flights and hotels in advance, show your financial records, and provide a criminal background check. Why are visas more difficult to obtain for Thais? Discovering the additional hurdles Thais must overcome when traveling abroad can be surprising (and disappointing). It may also seem unfair given you and your partner’s good intentions. The truth is that people from Southeast Asia and other regions have a historic pattern of overstaying tourist visas and unlawfully working. The immigration officers aren’t bad people. But their job is to make applicants prove why they won’t violate the terms of the visa. Some country’s officers even go as far as to presume an intent to overstay. In other words, you’re guilty until you can prove your innocence. Despite the challenges, there are ways to overcome them. How to travel to popular western countries: 4 ways to improve your odds Traveling to the five challenging countries/regions above is still possible for Thai passport holders. You just need to know what immigration officers are looking for. Here are four key criteria: Attachment to Thailand: The stronger your partner’s reasons to return to Thailand, the better your chances of approval. A career, house, or other significant property shows your partner’s life is rooted in the Kingdom and there’s an intention to return. No criminal record: It goes without saying that a criminal record can hurt your chances for nearly any application, whether a job or college admission. Visas are no different, and if your partner has a clean record, approval is more likely. Financial security: As popular western countries are significantly more expensive than Thailand, does your partner have the financial means to travel there? Immigration officers want to see proof of savings and predictable income. International travel history: If your Thai partner has previously traveled abroad and honored the terms of the visa, his or her chances of approval improve. Immigration officers want to see a history of traveling to and timely leaving countries, as it means your partner is more likely to return to Thailand. While satisfying the four criteria above can help your chances to secure a visa, each application is assessed against a presumption of bad intentions. Getting a visa to visit a country is a privilege after all. The more complete and thorough a picture you can assemble about the intention to return to Thailand, the better your chances. Already decided on your destination? If you’re set on a specific country or region, here’s some destination-specific information that will set you up for success. United States All US visas (including tourist visas) require an interview at the US embassy in Bangkok, and wait times can be substantial. The visa applicant must attend the interview on their own so it’s important to be properly prepared. Free Download: US K-1 Fiancé(e) Visa Interview Guide Free Download: US CR1 & IR1 Spouse Visa Interview Guide United Kingdom There are three types of UK visas available for your Thai partner: the standard visitor visa, marriage visitor visa, and family visa. If you’re just looking to holiday in the UK, choose the standard visa. You’ll need to apply online and book an appointment at a visa application center. Unlike the US, visas for the UK do not require an interview. Free Download: UK Visa Guide for Thai & British Couples Canada If your purpose is tourism, visitor visas are your best option. Canadian immigration places a higher emphasis on your Thai partner’s relationships with Canadians and who you will see while visiting (Canadian friends or family). Assuming you are Canadian, your partner's chances of a successful application improve if he or she mentions your relationship. Learn more about your Canada visa options here. Australia For couples, there are four core types of Australian visas: a visitor visa, work and holiday visa, prospective marriage visa, or a partner visa. If your primary objective is tourism or to introduce your partner to your family, the visitor visa is your best choice. A work and holiday visa may also be a good option if you’d like to take an extended holiday with brief stints of working. Learn more about your Australia visa options here. European Union To travel to the EU, your partner will need a Schengen visa. There are a wide variety of Schengen visa options available. Couples will want a tourist, spouse, or visitor visa. While you can travel throughout the EU once you get the visa, you will need to apply at the embassy of the country where you plan to spend most of your time. Learn more about your Schengen visa options here. Your journey ahead I’m sure you’re excited and want to begin preparing for your trip, but perhaps you still have questions. If you’re looking for more personalized guidance for your unique situation, contact us for a free consultation. We’d be happy to help. Book a free no-obligation consultation We look forward to speaking with you soon. Best Regards, Mark Friedman Managing Director Baan Thai Immigration Solutions About Baan Thai Immigration Solutions We are an immigration-focused international law firm based in Bangkok with over 70 years of combined legal experience. Our team of bilingual counselors are experts at facilitating visas and permits for the US, UK, Australia, EU, and Canada. If you’re in need of friendly, professional advice, don’t hesitate to contact us. Phone: +66-93-498-5955 Website: https://btisolutions.co Email: [email protected] Read Google Reviews Address: 208 Wireless Road Building (Suite 1102) 208 Wireless Road Lumphini Sub-District Pathum Wan District, Bangkok 10330 Thailand Map and directions
  8. Do I qualify for Thai Permanent Residency? [Free Guide] Want to make Thailand your forever home? Dealing with visa extensions and 90-day reporting is a weight on the minds of many long-term foreign residents in Thailand. For those intent on making the Kingdom their permanent home, Permanent Residency (PR) is an attractive option. PR enables foreign residents to live in Thailand for an unlimited period without worrying about their visa status. It is open to those who can demonstrate that they've contributed to the Thai economy for three or more years through employment, company ownership or investment, and those with family ties to Thailand or specific qualifications. Benefits include: You won't need to apply for visa extensions. You won't have to report to the Thai Immigration Office every 90 days. You can easily purchase a condo in Thailand without having to transfer funds from abroad. You can apply for a Thai work permit with ease. You can serve as a director of a Thai public company. You can get an extension of stay for non-Thai family members and Thai citizenship for your children. You get your tabien baan (blue Thai house book). Take an important step on the path toward citizenship. Sounds fantastic, right? But how difficult is it to obtain Permanent Residence? What's the process? How much does it cost? There's a lot of conflicting information online about Permanent Residence, so we're here to clear things up for you. What's the process? Apply – Applicants must first submit their application for Permanent Residency to the Royal Thai Immigration Office. This includes providing all the relevant paperwork and paying the initial application fee (THB7,600). The PR application window is typically open during the last six weeks of the year. A few months after their successful application being lodged, the applicant will receive notice to attend a formal interview at immigration. Interview – On the day of the interview, the applicant will meet with a panel of 7–10 officials from various related ministries who will make recommendations to the Minister of Interior, who ultimately signs off on each application. Wait – Once the interview is complete, the application will be sent to the Ministry of Interior for final approval. There is no official timeline for this part of the process, but it typically takes between 18 and 20 months following the initial application. Obtain Certificate of Residence – Once the Minister of Interior approves the PR application, the applicant will be invited back to immigration to receive their approval letter and pay the final fee (approximately THB95,000–200,000). They will then receive instructions on how to obtain a blue Certificate of Residence book (tabien baan) and an Alien Residence book. From start to finish, it could take over a year to obtain PR status. That's why we recommend applying sooner rather than later. It's also much easier to obtain PR while you're still working, so don't put it off until retirement. There's no time like the present. What's covered in the interview? The interview consists of a short, semi-formal conversation in Thai with a panel of 7–10 officials from various ministries. The purpose of the PR interview is to gauge the applicant’s attitude and commitment to Thailand and its culture. Officials are looking for: Language skills – Applicants must be able to understand and answer conversational questions comfortably in Thai. Thai etiquette – Applicants should dress respectfully in formal attire, greet the interviewers with the wai, and speak and act politely throughout the interview. Commitment to Thailand – The officials want to see that applicants have genuine roots in Thailand and are willing and able to contribute to the country. In short, the interview is as much a test of the applicants’ Thai language skills and etiquette as it is a chance to discuss their background, reasons for wanting to reside in Thailand, and contributions to the country. How can I prepare for the PR interview? We’ve created a free guide that will set you up for success. Khun Ing, a partner at Baan Thai Immigration Solutions, teamed up with Kru Arisa, a talented Thai English teacher, to create a comprehensive PR interview guide. Download my FREE copy What’s included in the guide? The guide includes over 90 practice interview questions and answers the most common questions about PR, including: How many applicants are accepted? When is the application window? What if I am self-employed? Do I need to speak fluent Thai for the interview? Will I have to take a multiple-choice test? Download my FREE copy We’re standing by if you have questions. Best Regards, Mark Friedman Managing Director Baan Thai Immigration Solutions P.S. If you want personalized guidance from immigration experts, Baan Thai Immigration Solutions is here for you. We are a focused immigration law firm where experienced counselors and attorneys join forces to make your Thai home a reality. About Baan Thai Immigration Solutions Baan Thai is an immigration law firm with decades of combined legal experience in Thailand, successfully resolving thousands of immigration issues for travelers, expats, and people who wish to make the Land of Smiles their home. Phone: +66-93-498-5955 Website: https://btisolutions.co Email: [email protected] Read Google Reviews Address: 208 Wireless Road Building (Suite 1102) 208 Wireless Road Lumphini Sub-District Pathum Wan District, Bangkok 10330 Thailand Map and directions
  9. SATURDAY EVENING GRAND BBQ BUFFET The Saturday Evening Grand Barbecue Buffet at Larn Thong – Authentic Thai Traditions will be open every last Saturday of the month from 6:45 – 10:30 pm. Experience the ultimate international barbecue buffet with an exquisite selection of Thai, Chinese, Italian and Japanese dishes. Savour in imported meats, fresh seafood and other goodies straight from the grill along with a varied dessert menu. THB 1,650++ per person 50% discount for children ages 5-12 years old Upgrade your experience with our premium menus with an extra charge of THB 990++ per person • Australian Black Angus Beef Tenderloin • Unagi Kabayaki • Alaskan Snow Crab • Foie Gras • Lobster Thermidor *The premium upgrade must be ordered by all guests dining at the table. **The premium upgrade is served one dish at a time for each guest. Additional orders are accepted once the guest finishes consuming the first dish. For more information or to reserve a table : 038250421 : [email protected] or send us a direct message.
  10. Here at Bunnasia, we solve your shopping problems. We understand what it’s like to live and work abroad and miss the things you love and grew up with, especially food, which inspired us to provide you with products and services that would normally be hard to come by or inconvenient. Your cravings are solved with Bunnasia, and anything we don’t stock we can order and bring in for you delivered to your door. We provide quality food and beverage from Australia from your favourite stores such as Coles and Woolworths. Food such as breakfast cereal, biscuits, chips, chocolates, lollies, pasta, sauces, condiments, canned food, and of course the legendary vegemite to soft drinks, energy drinks, mixers and many more. To add to our store, we also do homeware such as bbq’s, tools, outdoor, body spray/deodorants, sunscreen, insect repellent/bug zappers, and more. Visit our website www.bunnasia.com where all our products are listed ready to order. And for anything we don’t stock we provide a shipping service from Australia to Thailand from stores such as Bunnings, Kmart, Target, Big W, Myer, Chemist Warehouse, JB HiFi, Harvey Norman, Kogan, and any other store you can think of. Contact us for more details. see our other promotion on Asean Now here:
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  12. Personalised Learning Why personalised learning is the right path for your child’s education When we talk about personalised learning, we are referring to a style of education where every aspect of the curriculum and the way it is delivered is focused on the individual needs of each child. This doesn’t mean that pupils have a choice about what, where and how they learn, as some mistakenly think. Rather, it is an educational approach that is based on differentiation and individualisation as the paths to better outcomes for every child. What are differentiation and individualisation? Within the context of education, differentiation is the term used for a type of learning where the teaching is tailored to meet the learning needs, preferences and goals of individual children. However, whilst the academic goals for each year group of children are the same, the teacher has the flexibility to use whatever resources and approaches they see fit to connect with individual children. Sometimes this may be based on practises that have proved successful for similar children in the past, or the teacher may come up with a completely novel approach. At its core, differentiation may be defined as an awareness of and active response to children’ varied learning styles. When learning is individualised, the teaching is calibrated to meet the unique pace of the children in any one class. In a class there may be children who need to go over a topic again, pupils who have mastered the topic and are ready for the next, and those children who need to learn at a slower pace, or who only learn when they are able to feel fully immersed in the topic. The personalised approach and learning styles A personalised learning environment includes all of the above and more. As a result, it is an educational approach that nurtures the needs of each child, because it is adaptable to their learning style. The four learning styles and preferences teachers encounter most frequently are: Visual, Auditory, Kinaesthetic and Reading/Writing. The reading/writing learner prefers learning through words in books and online, and are drawn to expressing themselves through writing. The visual learner uses sight and observation, and likes pictures, diagrams and videos. They understand information better when it’s presented in a visual way. Auditory learners tend to learn better when the subject matter is reinforced by sound. They learn through listening to information, so audio books and reading aloud in class are perfect for them. The kinaesthetic child learns through doing things. They like to touch and to construct things, in order to understand them better. In an ideal world, personalised learning would be on a one-to-one basis, but as this is unrealistic for the majority of parents, the next best thing is a school that has a personalised learning approach at its heart. At St. Andrews Sathorn you can be sure your child will develop the confidence to learn, because the teachers will interact with them at their own pace and adapt topics to their preferred style of learning. At St. Andrews International School Sathorn, all our teaching staff are experienced in supporting these varied learning styles and have access to a range of tools that allow them to offer a personalised education experience to every child. Visit St. Andrews Sathorn for a personal tour To discover how our personalised learning approach works and the other benefits that St. Andrews Sathorn can offer your child/children please come and meet us by scheduling a personalised school tour. You can make an appointment via the Visit Sathorn form on our homepage, or call us. A virtual tour is also available for overseas parents moving to Bangkok. Personalised learning at St. Andrews https://www.standrewssathorn.com/personalised-learning/
  13. PrikPot is an online Cannabis dispensary in Thailand that holds the value of “choice” very dearly. Since Thailand boldly became the first Asian nation to decriminalize the plant, PrikPot has boasted a constantly rotating lineup of varied strains and products to give their customers wide ranging choice when it comes to how they enjoy their weed. Now that mindset is taking a big stride forward as the company releases Dip Trip™, a smokeless Cannabis product ideal for anyone looking for different ways to experience weed. Designed and created wholly inhouse, Dip Trip™ comes in pouches with 0.4 grams of Decarboxylated Cannabis, keeping them free of all oils and extracts but more than ready to go. Dip Trip™ can be consumed through one of two methods: 1. Placed under the upper lip like Snus 2. Brewed to make a tea Learn more about Dip Trip™ here: https://go.prikpot.com/aseannowdiptrip The high quality and organic Cannabis in each pouch contains 16-20% THC concentration that delivers a strong and long-lasting high unlike any smoking experience from start to finish. Both methods of enjoyment are exceedingly simple and relaxing, offering customers the ability to harness the results of decarboxylation by activating cannabinoids with additives such as virgin coconut oil before consumption. It is a versatile product that allows for experimentation and discovery in uncovering one’s personal tastes. PrikPot has prepared in-depth instructions and recommendations for Dip Trip™, available to everyone online and delivered in printed form to customers with every purchase. Each canister contains 24 pouches, equaling 10 grams of Cannabis in total. Dip Trip™ is available for shipping now at the introductory price of 2,995 baht, including free shipping all over Thailand. The product is developed in collaboration with Siamsnus, Thailand’s leading manufacturer of snus. Find out more at https://siamsnus.com/ PrikPot is ready and willing to see to your cannabis needs through service, free shipping and ever-evolving product deals. Enter the discount code ASEAN10 during your purchasing process to receive 10% off today. Learn more at: https://go.prikpot.com/aseannowdiptrip
  14. Sangsee Farm: Thailand’s premier wagyu breeding and beef supply company All Sangsee farm beef is pasture raised , about 18 months , then grain fed for a further 12 months, all to the highest of standards.,no hormones or growth promotants are used. Wagyu genetics are imported from Australia and the USA Cattle are processed in a ISO approved Abattoir Quality, flavor and tenderness as good as any comparable import , or your money back Sangsee farm stands 100% behind its product. Email [email protected] Ph. 0800213772 Line ID;0800213772 Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100063497740988 Chilled and Frozen premium wagyu beef is supplied all over Thailand. We also supply breeding wagyu cattle for your own farm Ribeye MS 4( pictured) Sangsee Farm; Price list for wagyu grain fed 365 days , ms3+, 21 days dry aged. The best locally produced beef in thailand. Ms4 add 15% Ms5 add 30 % Ms6 add 45%j The carcass is graded prior to processing and customers notified All prices per kilo for ms3+ Tenderloin 1500 bt Ribeye 1350 bt Striploin 1150 bt Porterhouse 1050 bt T-bone 950 bt Sirloin. 900 bt Picanha 900 bt Tri tip roast 800 bt Sirloin tip (rump) 650 bt Chuck eye filet 750 bt Boneless spare rib rolled roasts 600 bt Chuck steak or roasts 600 bt Brisket 550 bt Top round roasts 500 bt Macreuse (flat iron steak) 550 bt Bottom round roasts 450 bt Short ribs 500 bt Flank 500 bt Shank 400 bt Stewing steak 375 bt Ground beef 80/20 375bt Oxtail 425 bt Wagyu fat 250 bt ( not rendered) Liver 375 bt kilo Beef broth bones 275 bt Delivered chilled ( notice required) or frozen ( normal stock) via nim transport orders 5 kg and over delivery free, under 5 kg 50 bt kilo Island delivery will be quoted. 5% discount on orders over 10 kg 10% discount on orders over 20 kg Specialty cuts on request 2-4 weeks notice required, ( prime cuts sell very quickly so order early to avoid disappointment) Email [email protected] Ph. 0800213772 Line ID;0800213772 Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100063497740988
  15. Sangsee Farm: Thailand’s premier wagyu breeding and beef supply company All Sangsee farm beef is pasture raised , about 18 months , then grain fed for a further 12 months, all to the highest of standards.,no hormones or growth promotants are used. Wagyu genetics are imported from Australia and the USA Cattle are processed in a ISO approved Abattoir Quality, flavor and tenderness as good as any comparable import , or your money back Sangsee farm stands 100% behind its product. Email [email protected] Ph. 0800213772 Line ID;0800213772 Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100063497740988 Chilled and Frozen premium wagyu beef is supplied all over Thailand. We also supply breeding wagyu cattle for your own farm Ribeye MS 4( pictured) Sangsee Farm; Price list for wagyu grain fed 365 days , ms3+, 21 days dry aged. The best locally produced beef in thailand. Ms4 add 15% Ms5 add 30 % Ms6 add 45%j The carcass is graded prior to processing and customers notified All prices per kilo for ms3+ Tenderloin 1500 bt Ribeye 1350 bt Striploin 1150 bt Porterhouse 1050 bt T-bone 950 bt Sirloin. 900 bt Picanha 900 bt Tri tip roast 800 bt Sirloin tip (rump) 650 bt Chuck eye filet 750 bt Boneless spare rib rolled roasts 600 bt Chuck steak or roasts 600 bt Brisket 550 bt Top round roasts 500 bt Macreuse (flat iron steak) 550 bt Bottom round roasts 450 bt Short ribs 500 bt Flank 500 bt Shank 400 bt Stewing steak 375 bt Ground beef 80/20 375bt Oxtail 425 bt Wagyu fat 250 bt ( not rendered) Liver 375 bt kilo Beef broth bones 275 bt Delivered chilled ( notice required) or frozen ( normal stock) via nim transport orders 5 kg and over delivery free, under 5 kg 50 bt kilo Island delivery will be quoted. 5% discount on orders over 10 kg 10% discount on orders over 20 kg Specialty cuts on request 2-4 weeks notice required, ( prime cuts sell very quickly so order early to avoid disappointment) Email Sangseef[email protected] Ph. 0800213772 Line ID;0800213772 Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100063497740988
  16. Planning a trip to the Land of Smiles? Remember to secure private medical insurance in Thailand that will cover you while you’re in the area so you can access the treatment you need, whenever you need it. With over 20 years of industry experience, Pacific Prime Thailand is a leading health insurance brokerage that expats and travelers can rely on. Contact them today!
  17. 5 ways to protect yourself from Dengue fever While Thailand is blessed with year-round warm weather and a tropical climate, this comes at a cost: mosquitos. It’s not only annoying to swat these swarming creatures and deal with the irritation of mosquito bites, but you’ll also need to be mindful of the diseases spread through them. Yes, that’s right. Mosquitos carry a number of viruses that can cause deadly diseases such as, but not limited to, dengue fever. For those of you who aren’t already aware, the dengue virus is spread from person to person through the bite of an infected Aedes aegypti or Aedes albopictus mosquito. It can result in symptoms like high body temperature, intense joint and muscle pain, nausea and/or vomiting, and more. Given that there are no vaccinations for dengue fever and treatment is symptom based, dengue fever poses a serious threat to individuals - especially those that are vulnerable. The good news is that there’s a way out. If you take adequate precautions, you can lower your risk of getting bitten. In this article by our friends at Pacific Prime Thailand, we’ll let you in on some of the best ways to dodge mosquitos and protect yourself from dengue fever. 1. Avoid stagnant water As mosquitoes that carry the dengue virus thrive in stagnant water, the easiest way to avoid mosquitoes is to avoid stagnant water. In simple terms, this means avoiding wastewater, rainwater, natural water bodies, and standing water that remains after an area has been flooded. Within your own homes, be mindful of objects like flower pots and pet’s water bows, and make sure that these are emptied out and cleaned regularly. 2. Mosquito-proof your home Make it a habit to always close the doors and windows. If you want to open them to let a bit of breeze in, make sure to install netted slide doors. Be especially mindful between the time period dawn and dusk as that’s when mosquitoes responsible for spreading diseases are most active. You can also get a mosquito net to sleep under and keep a couple of mosquito zappers within easy reach in your house. 3. Keep your home airy and well-lit In addition to loving stagnant water, mosquitos also love dark and damp places. This means that you should keep your home airy and well-lit in order to deter mosquitos. Make sure you get plenty of sunlight during the day and turn on lights during the early evenings and before bedtime. Avoid clutter so that air flows better in your house. Bonus points: sprinkle lemongrass around your house. Not only will it make your house smell delicious, but it’ll also keep the mosquitos at bay as it is a natural mosquito repellent. 4. Cover yourself adequately If you’re going outdoors, don’t be tempted to wear shorts and sleeveless tops. Although the weather may be warm, wearing clothing that covers your body adequately will leave you with fewer spots for potential bites. Besides, wearing clothing that covers your body will also make sure you don’t get sunburnt. In terms of clothing, we’re talking long-sleeved tops, long pants, socks, and covered shoes. Of course, you don’t have to follow this dress code down to the tee and can be less strict - especially if you aren’t going into dengue-infested areas. 5. Use mosquito repellent And last, but not least, use mosquito repellent. It’s more important to use mosquito repellent if you’re planning to spend long periods of time outdoors, but you can also apply some if you’re going to be indoors. Simply spray the repellent on bare areas on your body like arms and legs, and remember to top up once every couple of hours. If you have little ones with you, you can use mosquito patches, mosquito bands, and mosquito wipes that are safe for children and infants. What if you’ve already been bitten by a mosquito, you may be wondering? Or what if you have one of the above-mentioned symptoms of dengue fever? It’s vital that you seek medical advice immediately by going to your nearest hospital or clinic. If you’re worried that doing so will set you back financially, why not look into getting a private health insurance plan? Whether you’re an expat, individual, or family, Pacific Prime Thailand can help you compare and find the best plan for your needs and budget. Contact them to get started today!
  18. Rage Fight Academy has earned its status as the premier combat training destination in Pattaya, Thailand. With their 2020 Lethwei Coach of the Year award and an impressive lineup of combat disciplines, including the new MMA program led by Frank "The Tank" Marques and the BJJ program guided by second-degree black belt Andrea Sinyorini, Rageis setting new standards in combat sports training. Whether you aspire to compete at an elite level or simply want to improve your fitness, Rage Fight Academy provides the perfect environment to achieve your goals and unleash your fighting potential. Rage Fight Academy boasts a team of accomplished and experienced coaches who bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the table. Lethwei Coach of the Year in 2020 Charlton Lookyamo highlights the exceptional expertise and coaching staff at Rage Fight Academy. Leading the MMA program is top-level coach Frank "The Tank" Marques, renowned for his work with athletes like Stamp Fairtex. With his guidance, the academy is poised to produce a new generation of skilled MMA fighters. Additionally, the BJJ program is lead by second-degree black belt Andrea Sinyorini, ensuring that students receive world-class instruction in the intricacies of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Outside of competitive fighting, Rage Fight Academy promotes overall health and fitness for all individuals. Their training programs cater to various fitness goals, whether it's weight loss, stress relief, or simply staying active. The gym offers a variety of classes and training options suitable for different ages and fitness levels, making it an inclusive space for anyone looking to improve their physical well-being. Rage Fight Academy stands out from the competition by offering a wide range of combat disciplines under one roof. Whether you're interested in refining your striking skills through Muay Thai or boxing, honing your ground game with BJJ, or jumping into the exciting world of MMA, this gym has it all. The addition of bare-knuckle boxing further demonstrates their commitment to providing diverse training opportunities for combat sports enthusiasts. Rage Fight Academy provides state-of-the-art training facilities equipped with top-notch equipment to facilitate optimal training experiences. Whether you are a seasoned athlete or a beginner taking your first steps into combat sports, you'll find a welcoming community of like-minded individuals ready to support your journey. Need a visa or work visa, especially for Muay Thai or combat sports? Rage can handle that also! "Rage Fight Academy: The Ultimate Combat Training Haven in Pattaya - Muay Thai, Boxing, MMA, and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu under One Roof with On-Site Resort Accommodations Plus swimming pool, Muay Thai Education Visas at only of 48,000 Baht!" Our studio rooms are cozy and equipped with the essentials, while the big rooms provide extra space and kitchen area. Enjoy a clean and secure environment, access to swimming pool and sauna soon, and a vibrant location near Pratumnak, Jomtien and Pattaya. Join our community and reserve your room today! Big Studio rooms for 7000THB Monthly plus electric Larger Studio rooms for 10000THB Monthly plus electric Web: https://ragefightacademy.com/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ragefightacademy/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ragefightacademy Email: [email protected] Phone: +66 62 867 8398
  19. Secure and Inexpensive Thailand Removals Red Wolf Global Mobility has been a leading actor in the Thailand international removals and Thai moving and shipping industry for several years with our efficient, secure and reliable packing, transport and storage solutions. We are known Thailand removals market leaders throughout the local and international community. The scope and breadth of our moving services grow every year. Red Wolf Global Thailand Removals We have our very own uniformed packing crews, own warehousing and our packing materials are made to international standards and well marked. Red Wolf Global Mobility offers a plethora of international removals and relocations services to help relieve the stresses of your move. These include packing and crating of your belongings; taking care of your insurance requirements; full origin and destination services (inclusive of customs clearances at both ends); collection and delivery of your items and unpacking of your possessions at your new home. You can feel safe in the knowledge that no job is too difficult or locations too exotic for our moving team at Red Wolf Global Mobility. Our fast and cost-effective services allow everything from excess baggage, home removals and vehicle shipping to be sent via sea freight, airfreight or trucking within a favorable time frame. And if you don’t need your things now, we offer clean, secure storage facilities until you do need them. Our Thailand removals services include: Individual Removals Business Relocations Bangkok Office Moving Special Packing Services Excess Baggage Services Thailand Vehicle Moving & Storage (automobile, motorcycle, boats) Pet Moves Bangkok Storage Facilities Crating for Export & Storage Fine Arts Thailand Moving & International Moving Insurance Thailand Local Removals Thailand Removals Professional Standing It is important that you can know your Thai moving company has a good reputation in comparison to the global industry. Red Wolf Global Mobility really measures up. We are professional members in good standing of: International Association of Movers (IAM) Global Movement Alliance (GMA) Economical Thailand Removals For people who would like to move home but don’t have the support of their companies, we can show you the ways to save. For instance, we can provide door-to-port, port-to-port, door-to-airport, etc. For those who would like to pack themselves, we can also offer the packing materials at reasonable rates. If you are interested in options just ask! Red Wolf Global Thailand Removals contacts: David Hitchcock Business Development Manager Email: [email protected] Tel.: +66 2 661 5540 (Office) Tel.: +66 89 833 4104 (Mobile) Would you like to know more? To keep up with us give us a follow on: Facebook Instagram LinkedIn Twitter YouTube
  20. Thailand's Premier MMA Gym Rage Fight Academy Makes Waves in Thailand as it becoming the first gym to adopt altitude generator machines for hypoxic altitude training. This cutting-edge technology offers members an unparalleled training experience, simulating high-altitude conditions to enhance endurance, maximize performance, and accelerate results. With their commitment to innovation and providing top-notch training facilities. Hypoxic altitude training has gained significant attention in the world of sports and fitness as a strategy to enhance performance and improve overall health. One effective approach to replicate the effects of high-altitude training is through the use of altitude generator machines. These innovative devices simulate the reduced oxygen levels found at higher altitudes, providing athletes, fitness enthusiasts, and even individuals seeking general health improvements with an array of benefits; Enhanced Oxygen Utilization: oxygen utilization by the body. Altitude generator machines create a simulated high-altitude environment by reducing the oxygen concentration. This forces the body to adapt by producing more red blood cells and increasing the efficiency of oxygen delivery to the muscles and organs. Over time, this enhanced oxygen utilization can lead to improved cardiovascular function and increased stamina. Here are some of the benefits; Increased Endurance and Performance: Training at high altitudes stimulates the body to produce more red blood cells, which increases the oxygen-carrying capacity of the blood. This can result in improved aerobic capacity, allowing athletes to perform better during prolonged exercises and endure higher levels of physical stress. Additionally, increased oxygen availability can enhance recovery time and reduce fatigue, enabling athletes to train at higher intensities for longer durations. Boosted Strength and Power: It can also benefit strength and power in athletes. Training in a hypoxic environment can stimulate muscle growth, increase the production of anabolic hormones, and enhance muscle fiber recruitment. This combination of factors can result in greater gains in strength and power compared to training at sea level alone. Accelerated Weight Loss and Body Composition: The combination of increased metabolic rate and improved fat oxidation that occurs in response to training in a hypoxic environment can enhance calorie expenditure during and after workouts. This can lead to a more efficient reduction in body fat levels and promote the development of lean muscle mass. General Health: Regular exposure to a simulated high-altitude environment can promote better lung function, increase the production of antioxidant enzymes, and stimulate the release of natural growth factors. These adaptations can improve overall cardiovascular health, boost immune system function, and potentially even provide protection against certain chronic diseases. Web: https://ragefightacademy.com/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ragefightacademy/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ragefightacademy Email: [email protected] Phone: +66 62 867 8398
  21. If you are looking for a reliable and professional legal service provider in Thailand, you may want to consider Isaan Lawyers. Isaan Lawyers is an international legal practice with offices, lawyers, and consultants in Thailand and the UK. They offer a range of legal services for expats, overseas clients, and Thai nationals in Thailand and in the UK. Isaan Lawyers has been led, since December 2021 by John Spooner, a British and international lawyer, and Duty Solicitor with over 30 years of experience in various fields of law. He is assisted by a team of qualified and experienced in-house Thai lawyers, attorneys, barristers, consultants, and accountants who can speak English and Thai fluently. They adhere to Western practice standards and strictly observe Thai and international lawyers’ codes of ethics and data protection. Some of the legal services that Isaan Lawyers provide are: - Family Law: Prenuptial agreements, divorce by consent or in court, child legitimisation child custody rights, surrogacy, and more. We understand that your family is important and have built our reputation on protecting your loved ones. - Property Law: We can help you with real estate investment in Thailand through various legal solutions such as leases, superficies, usufruct, Sap Ing Sith, Thai companies, mortgages, and more. We can also assist you with property disputes, land title deeds, due diligence, and contracts. - Expat Specialists: We can assist you with UK visa and immigration applications for your loved ones, Thai visa and Immigration applications and extensions, work permits, business registration, taxation, retirement planning, wills and estates, and more. We have more than 70 years of combined experience working with foreigners and expats in Thailand and know the best ways to keep yourself safe and secure. - Civil Litigation: We can assist you with inheritance claims, construction disputes, real estate disputes, debt recovery, breach of contract, and more. We have recovered hundreds of millions in financial compensation and provided settlements for many civil suits. - Criminal Law: We will help you when it matters the most with Police Station and criminal defense cases involving narcotics (drugs), sexual assault, murder, illegal weapons, money laundering, defamation, and more. We have successfully defended cases at all levels of courts in Thailand. - Accounting: We have full-time accounting staff who can provide monthly and/or yearly accounting services and do so for many companies in Thailand. We can also help you with tax filing, auditing, bookkeeping, and payroll. We offer legal consultations by various means at affordable rates. Conferences can be held in person, over the phone, and by modern means of video conferencing such as Google Meet, WhatsApp, Line, etc. Appointments can be booked online via our website or by calling our office Monday to Friday 9 to 5 pm. If you are interested in Instructing Isaan Lawyers for your legal needs in Thailand or the UK, you can contact us by email at [email protected] or by phone at +66 (0) 844 715 775. You can also visit our website at https://isaanlawyers.com/ for more information about our services and fees. Isaan Lawyers has been a trusted legal partner for expats and overseas nationals in Thailand since 2006. They have the expertise, experience, and ethics to handle your legal matters with professionalism and care. Contact us today for your legal consultation.
  22. Hosting Your Website with a Virtual Private Server in Thailand Are you looking for a reliable and secure web hosting service for your website in Thailand? Look no further than XXIWebhosting! Providing powerful VPS hosting solutions that will give you the best performance, scalability, and reliability that you need. A Virtual Private Server (VPS) is a great alternative to shared hosting and is perfect for websites that require more resources than what is available with shared hosting. VPS hosting offers you the dedicated resources like a dedicated server, but without the associated costs. With a VPS hosting solution, you get a fully private environment with root-level access, allowing you to customize your server to your needs. When hosting your website on a Thai VPS, you will have full control over your server, with the option to select the operating system and software that you want to use. With XXIWebhosting you can choose from a range of Linux operating systems, and have full access to install any necessary software. This means you can have a tailored setup that meets your specific needs. XXIWebhosting offers excellent scalability options to ensure that your website can grow over time. With the ability to add or remove resources as needed, you can rest assured that your website will always be running optimally. Plus, they also provide excellent technical support, so you can always get the help you need if you ever encounter any issues. So, if you’re looking for a powerful and cost-effective web hosting solution for your website in Thailand, look no further than XXIWebhosting. With their secure and reliable VPS hosting solutions, you can be confident that your website will be up and running at all times. Get the most out of your website by hosting it with a Virtual Private Server from XXIWebhosting.com.
  23. https://www.facebook.com/events/264331426242374 Date: FRIDAY 25 AUGUST 2023 (6:00 PM – Onwards) AMARI Pattaya – Grand Ballroom Admission fee: THB 750 [Incl FREE-flow of F&B] (Pay as you go – no presale tickets – no reservations needed) Dress Code: Dress to Impress (no slippers – sleeveless shirts) “SPARKLING AT AMARI” This will be a night to remember, filled with entertainment, shows, and spectacular live music. Guest stars & Celebs will welcome you to the most exclusive Grand Ballroom at the AMARI – PATTAYA. TITLE SPONSOR: ESS Developments (www.essdevelopments.com) ESS Developments builds luxury residential projects on schedule and to a high standard, ensuring excellent customer satisfaction. Now featuring: “ZENSIRI MIDTOWN VILLAS - Pattaya” and “ZENSIRI VILLAS KOH CHANG”! www.essdevelopments.com/zensiri-midtown-villas-pattaya www.essdevelopments.com/zensiri-villas-koh-chang For more information: Ms. Lexi MOLEE (sales manager) M. +66(0)98 978 5288 | LINE ID: lex_molee Many thanks to all co-sponsors: RSM (Thailand) www.rsm.global/thailand Core Stone Capital Management www.corestone.online Showsuite (Thailand) www.showsuite.com A.R.C. ENGINEERING www.arc-thailand.com Trade uPVC Windows & Doors www.tradeupvcwindows.co.th Woodpecker Furniture www.woodpeckerthailand.com SHADOWMAKERASIA CO. LTD. www.shadowmakerasia.com Parisid-Bline www.parisi.com.au Top Ocean Properties www.toppattaya.com ECO Resort at Bang Saray www.sisaran.com/en/ecoresort Dutch Passion www.dutchpassion.co.th EPITOME INSURANCE BROKER www.epitome-insurance.net VENUE HOST Amari – Pattaya, Grand Ballroom www.amari.com/pattaya MAP: https://goo.gl/maps/S8aba8q9aJJBfKDh7 MEDIA PARTNERS Asean NOW (www.aseannow.com) Dan About Thailand (www.danaboutthailand.com) STRICT DOOR-POLICY Movers & Shakers reserves the right to refuse entrance for those that are not dressed appropriately. Casual elegant or business attire is most appreciated. This charity networking event is supported by the BCCT (British Chamber of Commerce Thailand) and the NTCC (Netherlands-Thai Chamber of Commerce) _____________________________________________ CHARITY BENEFICIARIES Movers & Shakers support various domestic charity beneficiaries. _____________________________________________ M&S is an initiative of: Mr. KC | Founder | +66(0)86-666-7238 www.facebook.com/kcpattaya Contact: [email protected] TOWN & COUNTRY PROPERTY www.towncountryproperty.com AMAZING CORPORATE NETWORK EVENTS THAT WORK! WAIVER All terms and conditions are subject to changes and/or review without limitation without prior notice. www.facebook.com/MoversShakersPattaya Copyright © 2009 | All rights reserved. Contact: [email protected]
  24. Why Shared Hosting Might be Slowing Down Your Business As businesses grow, they require more resources to support their online presence.Shared hosting, such as cPanel hosting plans, may be a viable option for small websites with low traffic. However, as a business expands, shared hosting may become unreliable, slow, and insecure. This is where a Virtual Private Server (VPS) comes in. A VPS is a virtual server that runs its own operating system, allowing businesses to have full control over their hosting environment. This means that businesses can customize their server to their specific needs, install their own software, and have dedicated resources for their website. One reason why businesses should choose a VPS over shared hosting is the level of security it provides. With shared hosting, websites are vulnerable to attacks from otherwebsites on the same server. A VPS, on the other hand, provides a dedicated and isolated environment, making it less susceptible to hacking attempts and network attacks. Another advantage of using a VPS is the speed and performance it provides. Shared hosting plans may have limitations on the amount of resources available to businesses,resulting in slow loading times and poor website performance.With a VPS, businesses have dedicated resources and can choose the specifications that fit their website's needs. This results in faster loading times and a better user experience for visitors. 21st-Thailand Web Hosting offers reliable and affordable VPS hosting plans for businesses of all sizes. The VPS plans come with full root access, allowing businessesto have complete control over their virtual or dedicated server. In addition, 21st-Thailand Web Hosting provides excellent customer support, with a team of experts available 24/7 to assist businesses with any issues they may encounter. In conclusion, businesses should choose a VPS over shared hosting for security, speed, performance, scalability, and control. With 21st-Thailand Web Hostings reliable and affordable VPS plans, businesses can have the peace of mind that their website is in good hands.
  25. With DeeNext available, DeeMoney guarantees that transactions will be credited to the recipient's account within the next working day, based on the recipient's country's timezone. This is applicable if the transfer is initiated and paid by 4 PM Thailand time (GMT+7), Monday to Friday, excluding public holidays. Learn more: https://www.deemoney.com/deenext Have a question? Ask away! Customer support: 02 821 5555 Line: @deemoney
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