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Found 8 results

  1. Though our branches are in Thailand, but we do speak your language(s)We can speak:- Filipino- Khmer- Burmese- Thai- English ⠀Contact us:Call Center: 02 821 5555⠀Too nervous to talk? Send us a message:Line: @deemoney⠀Learn how DeeMoney works:https://deemoney-neo.onelink.me/jPXs/getneo
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  3. PrikPot is an online Cannabis dispensary in Thailand that holds the value of “choice” very dearly. Since Thailand boldly became the first Asian nation to decriminalize the plant, PrikPot has boasted a constantly rotating lineup of varied strains and products to give their customers wide ranging choice when it comes to how they enjoy their weed. Now that mindset is taking a big stride forward as the company releases Dip Trip™, a smokeless Cannabis product ideal for anyone looking for different ways to experience weed. Designed and created wholly inhouse, Dip Trip™ comes in pouches with 0.4 grams of Decarboxylated Cannabis, keeping them free of all oils and extracts but more than ready to go. Dip Trip™ can be consumed through one of two methods: 1. Placed under the upper lip like Snus 2. Brewed to make a tea Learn more about Dip Trip™ here: https://go.prikpot.com/aseannowdiptrip The high quality and organic Cannabis in each pouch contains 16-20% THC concentration that delivers a strong and long-lasting high unlike any smoking experience from start to finish. Both methods of enjoyment are exceedingly simple and relaxing, offering customers the ability to harness the results of decarboxylation by activating cannabinoids with additives such as virgin coconut oil before consumption. It is a versatile product that allows for experimentation and discovery in uncovering one’s personal tastes. PrikPot has prepared in-depth instructions and recommendations for Dip Trip™, available to everyone online and delivered in printed form to customers with every purchase. Each canister contains 24 pouches, equaling 10 grams of Cannabis in total. Dip Trip™ is available for shipping now at the introductory price of 2,995 baht, including free shipping all over Thailand. The product is developed in collaboration with Siamsnus, Thailand’s leading manufacturer of snus. Find out more at https://siamsnus.com/ PrikPot is ready and willing to see to your cannabis needs through service, free shipping and ever-evolving product deals. Enter the discount code ASEAN10 during your purchasing process to receive 10% off today. Learn more at: https://go.prikpot.com/aseannowdiptrip
  4. So you want to travel abroad with your Thai partner. Maybe you’d like to introduce the family or give a tour of your hometown. Perhaps you just want a romantic getaway. But there’s one problem: You’ve discovered gaining entry to many countries on a Thai passport is much more difficult than the passport you’re holding. What can you do? Should you change your destination or is there still hope? Securing a visa to almost any country in the world is possible, even on a Thai passport, but you have to be a bit strategic. Here are some ideas to help you travel abroad more easily with your Thai partner. The path of least resistance: 10 popular countries Thais can travel to easily If you just want to go on a holiday for a couple weeks, there are dozens of countries with little red tape. Below are 10 popular destinations that are visa-free or offer visa-on-arrival for Thai passport holders: 1. Maldives 2. Hong Kong 3. South Korea 4. Jordan 5. Solomon Islands 6. Fiji 7. Madagascar 8. Kenya 9. Argentina 10. Brazil For a more comprehensive list of easy-to-travel-to countries for Thais, check out this forum post. The 5 most difficult countries/regions for Thais to visit If you’d like your Thai partner to visit one of the more popular western destinations, you’ll likely encounter more strict immigration requirements. Below are five countries or regions that present the most difficulty for Thai passport holders: 1. United States 2. United Kingdom 3. European Union 4. Australia 5. Canada Without proper preparation, rejection is likely. You may need to book all your flights and hotels in advance, show your financial records, and provide a criminal background check. Why are visas more difficult to obtain for Thais? Discovering the additional hurdles Thais must overcome when traveling abroad can be surprising (and disappointing). It may also seem unfair given you and your partner’s good intentions. The truth is that people from Southeast Asia and other regions have a historic pattern of overstaying tourist visas and unlawfully working. The immigration officers aren’t bad people. But their job is to make applicants prove why they won’t violate the terms of the visa. Some country’s officers even go as far as to presume an intent to overstay. In other words, you’re guilty until you can prove your innocence. Despite the challenges, there are ways to overcome them. How to travel to popular western countries: 4 ways to improve your odds Traveling to the five challenging countries/regions above is still possible for Thai passport holders. You just need to know what immigration officers are looking for. Here are four key criteria: 1. Attachment to Thailand: The stronger your partner’s reasons to return to Thailand, the better your chances of approval. A career, house, or other significant property shows your partner’s life is rooted in the Kingdom and there’s an intention to return. 2. No criminal record: It goes without saying that a criminal record can hurt your chances for nearly any application, whether a job or college admission. Visas are no different, and if your partner has a clean record, approval is more likely. 3. Financial security: As popular western countries are significantly more expensive than Thailand, does your partner have the financial means to travel there? Immigration officers want to see proof of savings and predictable income. 4. International travel history: If your Thai partner has previously traveled abroad and honored the terms of the visa, his or her chances of approval improve. Immigration officers want to see a history of traveling to and timely leaving countries, as it means your partner is more likely to return to Thailand. While satisfying the four criteria above can help your chances to secure a visa, each application is assessed against a presumption of bad intentions. Getting a visa to visit a country is a privilege after all. The more complete and thorough a picture you can assemble about the intention to return to Thailand, the better your chances. Already decided on your destination? If you’re set on a specific country or region, here’s some destination-specific information that will set you up for success. United States All US visas (including tourist visas) require an interview at the US embassy in Bangkok, and wait times can be substantial. The visa applicant must attend the interview on their own so it’s important to be properly prepared. For serious couples, you may find it easier to obtain a US K-1 Fiancé(e) visa than a tourist visa. Check out our FREE US K-1 Fiancé(e) Visa Interview Guide or US CR1 & IR1 Spouse Visa Interview Guide for additional details and sample interview questions. Learn more about your US visa options here. United Kingdom There are three types of UK visas available for your Thai partner: the standard visitor visa, marriage visitor visa, and family visa. If you’re just looking to holiday in the UK, choose the standard visa. You’ll need to apply online and book an appointment at a visa application center. Unlike the US, visas for the UK do not require an interview. Learn more about your UK visa options here. Canada If your purpose is tourism, visitor visas are your best option. Canadian immigration places a higher emphasis on your Thai partner’s relationships with Canadians and who you will see while visiting (Canadian friends or family). Assuming you are Canadian, your partner's chances of a successful application improve if he or she mentions your relationship. Learn more about your Canada visa options here. Australia For couples, there are four core types of Australian visas: a visitor visa, work and holiday visa, prospective marriage visa, or a partner visa. If your primary objective is tourism or to introduce your partner to your family, the visitor visa is your best choice. A work and holiday visa may also be a good option if you’d like to take an extended holiday with brief stints of working. Learn more about your Australia visa options here. European Union To travel to the EU, your partner will need a Schengen visa. There are a wide variety of Schengen visa options available. Couples will want a tourist, spouse, or visitor visa. While you can travel throughout the EU once you get the visa, you will need to apply at the embassy of the country where you plan to spend most of your time. Learn more about your Schengen visa options here. Your journey ahead I’m sure you’re excited and want to begin preparing for your trip, but perhaps you still have questions. If you’re looking for more personalized guidance for your unique situation, contact us for a free consultation. We’d be happy to help. Book a free no-obligation consultation We look forward to speaking with you soon. Best Regards, Mark Friedman Managing Director Baan Thai Immigration Solutions About Baan Thai Immigration Solutions We are an immigration-focused international law firm based in Bangkok with over 70 years of combined legal experience. Our team of bilingual counselors are experts at facilitating visas and permits for the US, UK, Australia, EU, and Canada. If you’re in need of friendly, professional advice, don’t hesitate to contact us. Phone: +66-93-498-5955 Website: https://btisolutions.co Email: [email protected] Read Google Reviews Address: 208 Wireless Road Building (Suite 1102) 208 Wireless Road Lumphini Sub-District Pathum Wan District, Bangkok 10330 Thailand Map and directions
  5. Moving to a new country is often overwhelming, whether for a job or to move in with your partner. In addition, finding a new house, making new friends, and staying away from family could get stressful and affect your mental health. However, you can do plenty of things to help ensure you keep yourself mentally healthy and combat depression. Lucky for you, our wonderful friends at Pacific Prime Thailand have put together some tips to help maintain good mental health. Understanding expat depression Depression is more than feeling sad or low for a couple of days. When someone is depressed, they feel persistently sad for weeks or months. And expat depression can be described as a period of sadness experienced by people who move abroad for work. Why do expats in Thailand experience depression? Generally speaking, depression is not caused by one event, but can be triggered by different situations or reasons. And when it comes to expats, relocating for work requires a lot of drive, energy, confidence, and optimism. However, living in a foreign country does come with a long list of challenges, such as learning the language and depending on locals for help with things ranging from sourcing medicine to finding a house - something that, over time, can damage one's sense of competency. What are the symptoms of depression? The systems for depression vary from one person to another and are complex. For instance, if you are depressed, you may feel sad and hopeless and lose interest in the things you once enjoyed. The symptoms may last for weeks or months on end and are severe enough to interfere with work, social life, and family life. Most expats try and cope with their symptoms without realizing they are unwell. Keep an eye out for the following signs: ● Always feeling low or sad ● Feeling hopeless ● Insomnia ● Fatigue ● Irregular appetite ● Unusual weight gain or loss ● Low attention span and more Here's how you can maintain good mental health and cope with depression 1. Seek professional help at the earliest If you are constantly feeling sad or "out of it" more than usual, you might be suffering from a mental health issue. So, during times like this, it's better to see an expert for help and get proper treatment as early as possible. 2. Do your research and be prepared Moving to a new country can be challenging; hence, being prepared is a good idea. Research the kind of help you can get in Thailand for mental health and ensure your health insurance covers clinic visits and treatment for mental health. Related reading: Where to find mental health support in Thailand as an expat 3. Maintain a healthy work-life balance Set aside time for yourself and your loved ones. Do not compromise on quality time doing things that are important to you. 4. Exercise regularly and get enough sleep Research on depression and anxiety shows that exercise and sleep can ease symptoms. So, try to exercise daily and get 7-8 hours of sleep every night. And if you are unable to sleep through the night or cannot bring yourself to exercise, consult a doctor as they could be early symptoms of depression. 5. Make local friends and build a connection with the country Join an activity group or a language class in Thailand where you can learn something new about the country and in the process make some local friends as well! Secure comprehensive medical insurance with mental health coverage Pacific Prime Thailand can help you find the right insurance plan that meets your budget and requirements. With over 20 years of experience in the insurance industry and a robust global presence, Pacific Prime has helped expats from different parts of the world secure the right medical insurance. Get in touch with one of Pacific Prime's advisors for a free quote today!
  6. After collecting your feedback, we have designed our Neo app to serve you better. To congratulate this big event, we prepare gifts to thank you for your continued trust & support. Download DeeMoney and unwrap extra gifts: • 200 Grab Voucher after registration • 3 FREE Transfers using “MIGRATION” promo code Download DeeMoney Neo Now: https://deemoney-neo.onelink.me/jPXs/946fcf8q ⠀ Transfer money from Thailand to The World with DeeMoney ⠀ Got a question? Ask away! Call Center: 02 821 5555 LINE: @deemoney
  7. It’s the time we say goodbye to the DeeMoney (red) App and welcome you to the brand new DeeMoney Neo app. Special gifts you’ll receive:- 3 Transfers with NO fee using promo code “MIGRATION” **The Promo Codes are valid until October 31, 2022 Thank you for trusting our service. We promise to continue improving your international money transfer experiences with our new DeeMoney Neo application.See you there! Download DeeMoney Neo: Send Money from Thailand to the World with DeeMoney Got a question? Contact us here:Call Center: 02 821 5555LINE: @deemoney
  8. If you thought you could start making claims for insurance from the day you received your policy, think again. Health insurance plans across the world typically come with a ‘waiting period’, meaning you have to wait for a few weeks or even months until you can start making claims. Now, are you wondering why there are waiting periods to begin with and how long you have to wait before you can use your health insurance? Thanks to our friends at Pacific Prime, they have explained the concept of a waiting period in length in this article. What is the waiting period in insurance? The waiting period in insurance is the duration that the policyholder has to wait before they can avail of some or all of the benefits of their insurance policy. Note that one cannot raise a claim against your insurance policy during the waiting period. Therefore, to avoid being left without coverage, be sure to check after how many days you can claim health insurance. Waiting periods vary from one insurance provider to another, and a waiting period may apply to your entire health insurance coverage or only some health conditions. Why the waiting period? If you are wondering why waiting periods even exist? Then, here’s what you should know. Waiting periods ensure that: ● There are no malpractices by policyholders. ● Insurance providers are protected from any medical risk that has not been accounted for. ● The policyholder does not take advantage of the new policy to cover regular healthcare expenses. What are the different types of waiting periods? Accidental hospitalization Insurance plans that cover accidental hospitalization offer coverage from the start of the policy commencement, so there is no waiting period. Initial waiting period The period between the start of the policy and the day you can claim the policy is called the initial waiting period, and it could be anywhere between 3-6 months, depending on the insurer. Medical expenses aside from accidental hospitalization are not covered during the initial waiting period. Maternity waiting period Health insurance plans that offer maternity and newborn baby expenses usually do so after a specified waiting period, which could be anywhere from 9 months to 3 years. So, read through the fine print before securing a plan and plan your future accordingly. Related reading: https://www.pacificprime.com/resources/prime-guides/international-maternity-insurance-guide/ Specific diseases waiting period In the insurance world, it is common for specific medical conditions, diseases, and procedures such as hernia, cataracts, osteoporosis, etc., to come with a waiting period. The duration of the waiting period differs from one illness to another depending on the terms and conditions of your policy. Waiting period for pre-existing conditions If the insured has any existing ailments or health conditions when purchasing the insurance policy, the health conditions are referred to as pre-existing conditions. Note that most insurance plans cover pre-existing conditions after the minimum period is complete, so be sure to check with your insurer for more information. Pacific Prime can help you find the perfect insurance plan Whether you are looking for health insurance for yourself or your loved ones, Pacific Prime can help you find a plan with the shortest amount of waiting period. Pacific Prime has over 20 years of experience in the insurance industry, and its experts will be able to find a plan that meets both your requirement and budget. So, get in touch with a Pacific Prime expert today for a FREE quote.
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