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[Advice Needed] Hiring Vietnamese Customer Service Staff in Bangkok


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Hi All,


As there might be some Vietnamese nationals in this sub-forum I was wondering if anyone has any advice on where to best target and hire Vietnamese speakers for call center work in Bangkok? I run a small call center here and always have trouble finding Vietnamese speaking staff. Apart from posting job ads in places like jobsdb, workventure, etc. does anyone have any advice of ways to target the Vietnamese community locally in Bangkok? Are there any vietnamese community centers or social groups that would be good to approach? 


I posted this in the Bangkok forum as well but I have heard stories of big companies, most recently one called Teledirect, that has hired 50 vietnamese call center staff in Bangkok in 3 months. I feel like I'm taking the wrong approach as I can barely hire just a few staff, even though what I offer in terms of pay and benefits is quite reasonable (I think).


Thank you all for any advice!

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Hi Mr.


My name is Ta Tien Toan, please call me Harry. I am from Viet Nam and now I'm living in Bangkok.


I am interested in position of Vietnamese speaking staff for your call center. Could you kindly see my resume below please ?


Should you have any further queries, please feel free to contact me directly. My email is [email protected]


Thank you so much for your consideration of my CV


Best regards,

Ta Tien Toan (Harry)

CV - CURRICULUM VITAE Eng Ver 0-20.pdf

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