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Mystery as cut of raw 'zombie meat' pulsates on bloodied chopping board in horror footage

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A gruesome clip has emerged of a slab of 'zombie meat' pulsating on a bloodied wooden board.


The bizarre clip shows the chop mysteriously wriggling away in what is believed to be a market in Indonesia.


Children can be heard chatting and laughing in the background as woman flips the meat back and forth several times.


The footage was posted onto YouTube describing the meat as Qurbani, which comes from either a goat, sheep, cow or camel that has been slaughtered during the Islamic month of Dhul Hijjah.


Most people claim that a twitching piece of meat indicates freshness.


It is usually a phenomenon caused by nerve endings still firing and causing muscles to move, which can occur for an hour so after the central nervous system dies.


In another gory clip a slab of meat hanging in a butchers is seen moving as though it was alive , despite being slaughtered and skinned.


The meat can be seen pulsating in several places as it swings from the hook on the roof in Tagaytay Market in the Phillipines.


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