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New UK Passport Renewal Rule

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Travellers who are renewing their passports are now getting up to nine months' less validity, after an under-the-radar change to Passport Office rules.

Update Thu 13 Sep: After initially refusing to comment, the Government has now confirmed the rules have been changed, as part of a raft of announcements on Brexit preparations

Until a few days ago, when you renewed your passport, any time left on your existing document would be added to your new one, up to a maximum of nine months.

But those who have renewed their passports in the past week have been shocked to find this is no longer the case. After contacting the Passport Office's customer service number on Wednesday were told a new policy had come in from Monday 10 September and validity is no longer being carried forward.

The change has been made as part of preparations for the UK to leave the European Union. 

The news will come as a particular blow to travellers as some countries require you to have up to six months' validity left on your passport when visiting. UK passports are usually valid for 10 years, but if you're travelling to a country which requires you to enter with validity remaining on your passport, you may have no choice but to renew early

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