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IPTV services with Thai channels


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I just bought a smart tv as  a secondary television  -  potentially just for the wife. Effectively therefore she is really only interested in Thai Channels

What I am therefore looking for is a cheap  between £5-£10 IPTV service to give me these channels, with an App !!....and more if possible.


I do have a satellite dish connected to a PSI box for my main TV -  maybe it would be cheaper and easier to get some sort of splitter of that and connect through another PSI box to the smart tv !! 


She is really interested in watching Thai news  - especially in the mornings . 


Does anybody have any recommendations





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Believe most antennas have power to provide service to two sets without issues and that would make channels the same at each locations and only require you obtain a splitter/coax and PSI box.

2-Way HD Digital Coax Cable Splitter Bi-Directional MoCA 5-2500MHz Connector Satellite TV Receiver Designed for SATV/CATV(China)


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