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The Official Glasgow Rangers thread 2019-2020

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“We played well against a team who were at a higher level than us. I cannot say we had any bad luck. The better team won on the night.”

And he refused to criticise his side’s fans for the use of flares that disrupted the second half.

He added: “It is something I see every week in Poland so I’m used to it. I’m not someone who is critical of our supporters.”


This is from their manager.

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10 hours ago, malagateddy said:

Did not see game..gimme ur honest opinion re the performance.Thanks

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Team set out wrong in my opinion. Should have had Jones and Morelos on from the start. Gutted. Worst performance of the season. Gifted them 2 goals. Anyway. Still a long way to go.

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5 hours ago, malagateddy said:

Just hope Rangers can replace Mark Allan with someone of same quality and knowledge

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Its a strange one. But if he wants to go for whatever reason. Then he goes with thanks for all hes done for our club.

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16 hours ago, RonniePickering22 said:

Ferk this thread has the warmest glow in Scotland I wish I'd brought my armchair! :post-4641-1156694572:

We all know you are a secret Rangers fan anyway. 😜

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