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I've been in Isaan for 12 years and I find it fascinating. Virtually every week there is something that I find of interest or something that surprises me, dismays me and sometimes shocks me.  

My wife doesn't give them "Jack", and naturally I asked come one day, "honey" why don't you give them something....huh, they have hands and feet and can work, instead of always asking for money on the

This story starts 22 years ago.   I first met my future wife, Dee, when she was selling papaya salad (somtam in Thai) on a street stall in Nong Khai. I was forty one and tired of the single

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35 minutes ago, colinneil said:

Fully agree mate, amazing Issan, never stops amazing me.

Yet there will be no leg over for you, not bowing to the monks, tut, tut, that is a serious offence, you naughty farang you.:cheesy:

I think you mean diary of a farang though, not dairy.

Diary of a Foreigner.

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11 hours ago, owl sees all said:

I've been considering giving some of my Mekong catfish to the local temple. They have grown well; in fact very well. The biggest two are over 1.4 metres long and all over one metre. I have 19, and they dominate the other fish at feeding time. If I could get some muscle on the job, for the catching, I reckon I could donate 9. 

The catfish would be good for the monks; no scaling, just pull the skin back and you got your meat.

I remember doing this as a teenager.


(catching catfish and cooking on a camp stove).

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1 minute ago, sunnyboy2018 said:

I miss those days.

I heard Bernard was put out to pasture in Nakon Nowhere, where he grazes in an open field with his trusted notebook and pen .........

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20 minutes ago, geronimo said:

Great to hear of other expat's lives, especially in Isaan, where I'll be retiring in a few years.

People seem to think of Issan as village life. I have been to Issan many times but never been to a village. Just the towns and cities.

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