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Where in Asia can I find Good Air? AQI less than 50

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7 hours ago, DaLa said:

When I sit next to the ocean down in Cha Am  the subject never enters my head.





Thats it. I'm going to Prachuap Khiri Khan

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On 1/14/2020 at 10:09 AM, manchega said:

So where can one move in Asia to get good air? 

One possibility could be the southern islands in the Gulf - i.e. Phangan, Samui and Tao - the air quality there is normally always good.


I've been living on Samui for 15+ years, only once I noticed some haze coming up from Malaysia for a few days from forrest burning down there.


You can find the air quality measure HERE.

You can find a haze map HERE.

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This is not a topic about current pollution levels it is about obtaining info from members on where in Asia is good”. 

South of Hua Hin is pretty good. Definitely NOT China. 

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Now is not the time to look if you want to move to Asia all year around. The air now is quite good overall. You need to look what happens between December - April when the burning starts. THEN there will not be many places with clean air. But I think Phuket and Samui is among the better that time. Or other places in south Thailand.

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