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Thaivisa advertising packages from just 5k baht only in May and June


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Dear Customer, 


Just about every business in Thailand - and the world for that matter - is having trouble due to the pandemic.


I know cash flow is tight and the future looks like a huge question mark. It got me thinking that I should be helping you with a low price, one-off traffic boost to your website - and if you like the result you can run another one push.


Get this for 5k baht only: Promotion on May-June 2020 

1. Text link insert in One daily Thaivisa newsletter - see attached screenshot. Sent to over 330,000 email subscribers. You will see very good traffic sent across to your website - and that means more customers!

2. Your website link with supporting text shared One  time on Thaivisa Facebook page with 240,000 followers.


You can have this package as many times as you want, so 10k baht and you get 2 x newsletter inserts and 2 x facebook inserts etc.


It's a super deal and the best price ever offered.


Please confirm and we can get this started ASAP for you!


Contact :  Oil 061 4249395


[email protected]



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