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Sweden - is the rest of the world dumb, blind or worse ?

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And if you ask questions or criticize, then you're stamped off and silenced as conspiracy theorist. And Youtube and Twitter censor all opinions and facts which are not WHO/China approved.  It start

Time for people to catch up with what's actually currently happening in Sweden. Sweden's per capita death rate from Covid-19 is among the highest in the world, Sweden is also facing a bad economic out

all this panic over what?   look what Sweden did and still does   the rest of the world is in lockdown and economic meltdown   "leaders" of the world, scared by magical d

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2 minutes ago, CNXexpat said:

Sweden is the 6th worse country in the world with deaths per 1 million. And the number is growing fast. Not sure if they are doing right.  https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/

Acceptable losses, same as every other country with high levels of covid-19 infections. Do you lock everything down forever?

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22 minutes ago, tribalfusion001 said:

You need to look at the demographics of those in ICU, it's not healthy people otherwise the whole of Scotland would be in ICU. This is not a mass killer, simple as that.

Well aware thanks, been in the public domain for a while. never claimed Covid is a 'mass killer' so....

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1 hour ago, yuyiinthesky said:

Sorry, but the numbers you post say nothing about the real death rate. They totally ignore the huge amount of asymptotic infections.

It's very straight forward, the stats provided talk to death rates of those who have admitted to intensive care after being infected by Covid.

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13 minutes ago, CGW said:

Waiting for enlightenment? 🙂 

Probably going to be a long wait?

Another one full of themselves? 

I was actually defending you.  To be fair, and in my honest opinion, the post that the stupid bear guy and the gender fluid Greek character called gibberish was in actual fact rubbish.  Though not gibberish, as the words you used were identifiable and arranged in a somewhat cohesive manner.

I admire you for having the balls to post your opinion.  While 90% of posts produced by your two critics are centered around criticism.

I encourage you to keep posting and learning. Good Luck.


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