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We are a group of international friends who have lived in Bangkok for some time now and decided to take quick action in creating a small movement here to support the black community.


My name is Maddie Turk, and I am American who has lived in Bangkok for 3 years with my husband who from Bangkok. We love this country and we are heartbroken to see our country, America, being torn apart by racial injustice. I felt the urge to...Read More


You can donate and support this initiative here:


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31 minutes ago, twocatsmac said:

Can you encourage black Americans to stop killing black Americans first please, then you can be taken seriously. 

 I think a go fund me page should be started by BLM, for David Dorn's family,a retired black cop, who was murdered by blacks during the riots,while protecting a business.

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Posted (edited)

Please spare us and Thailand from your priviliged western extremism. 


Yes Black Lives Matter, as all lives matter. Surfing youtube, i learned one thing, blacks mostly get assaulted and killed by other blacks.


Its black criminals and gangstas that terrorize black neighborhoods. Its black rap music that glamorizes this lifestyle.


Lastly, BLM supports the terrorist organisation Hamas. That should make it clear. Hammas and Palestinians are not Black, nor Americans.


Your whole BLM is an extremist violent organisation. BLM supporters include people who shot and killed police. 


You are in Thailand now. SUPPORT somethong that actually has something to do with Thai society, and BENEFITS THAI SOCIETY.


Stop your priviliged white phantasy. 

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wasnt finished yet.
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On 5/24/2021 at 12:11 PM, herwin1234 said:

Stop your priviliged white phantasy. 

more likely born in nigeria in a royal family

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