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PETA accused of cultural racism and double-standards

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17 minutes ago, jak2002003 said:

If you can't see it's wrong to treat wild animals like that...or any animal like that...then I suggest you take some time to step back and re evaluate your morals and heart. 

I am sorry,

I have no idea what is wrong with this. My morals are OK, and my heart is working good. Thank you for your concern!

One more time, the monkeys are not wild anymore, the parents are not wild, and the grandparents are not wild. I do not know exact what the definition from a "wild animal" is. All our domesticated animals once have been "wild animals" And we also know that some animals are very difficult to domesticate. Lions, Jaguars, are difficult, but sometimes very succesfull to domesticate. Most birds of prey are very easy to domesticate. Most swines, chickens are very easy to domesticate. 

Monkeys are also easy. Even stray dogs, even the wild ones, are easy to domesticate. 

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It’s not necessarily the act of monkeys picking coconuts, it’s the conditions they’re kept in and the training methods they endure to be animal slaves in that industry. 

He is absolutely right.    Clean your smelly <deleted> at home first before jumping on that high horse.

Your english has become better than native english speakers, all of a sudden.

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