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Thailand release date for PS5

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Managed to order one from the Sony webstore as a combo with a TV and got it delivered last Friday. They had even taken the effort to hide the fact there was a PS5 in the delivery, by packing the PS5 box into a bland brown box. Amazing console. Very happy with it, the controller is something special.

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Anyone try and fail again to get one in the latest round of pre-orders?  The system of ordering these things is beyond stupid.    I presume that every 2 weeks they are going to announce pre-orders again, then every 2 weeks every single web store that is selling them will crash due to high demand, and the few sites that didn't crash are sold out in about 30 seconds.  I nearly got one from Banana IT but they only had a Thai form and my girlfriend is at work and didn't manage to complete it in time before that one also sold out. Almost got one from Nadz, but they are using Google forms and the demand managed to crash that one too after I clicked the submit button..     


I don't mind pre-ordering, paying and then waiting however long it takes to get around to me, but this pre-order "show" where they immediately close the pre-orders as soon as their quota is gone is just... stupid.        


Why can they not just keep the pre-orders open, let people pay and deliver as and when they get stock?   

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