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Thai Mlm Company Pre-launches - Leaders Needed

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A Brilliant Business Opportunity - Not for everyone I know. But for those in the know, or with experience this is a REAL opportunity!

Synsiam is a new Thai based multi-level marketing company now pre-launching in Thailand initially, before opening up in the rest of Asia. Not only do we offer great products for the health of you and your family, but our business is structured so you can also make money.

This may range from just enough to get your products for free or a supplemental income to afford a few extras every month to a full time substantial income. The choice is yours. Whether you would like to work at the business or are just happy ordering these great products.

The Business:

For those interested in the business side the following will explain how it works. Synsiam is structured as a network marketing business, and as such it is possible to earn income by sharing with other people our products or business, depending on what may interest them.

We use what is called a Forced Matrix Compensation Plan; this is because we believe it to the fairest and easiest system for people to be able to achieve financial success. And aside from that we have improved it slightly so that you can be even more successful! For those not interested in the business, you can just order what you need when you need it. For those participating in the business we require that you place a minimum monthly order, which is merely what you would probably be ordering any way. In fact many will probably order even more than the minimum so that their whole family can also benefit from these wonderful natural products.

In Synsiam we want you to be able to make a significant income if you want to work for it. As such it is possible to earn over THB 700,000 per month on a full matrix, would that a make a difference to your lifestyle?

For the experience MLMers out there who don’t like the matrix as it limits the amount of money you can earn, we have a simple way around that. When you achieve a certain status in your business we will issue you with a free re-entry position so that you can join your own matrix anywhere that you want under yourself! You may choose to build up a slower building sector or enter under a star performer you just enrolled. What's more we will issue a maximum of five of these per member. Now what does 6 x 700,000 per month equal?

We believe in products that are reasonably priced so that the average Thai and other Asian can easily buy and use the products and a compensation system that can enable people to achieve true financial independence and the lifestyle that entails.

The Products:

Our main KEY product is Olive Leaf Complex. This fantastic product is getting very positive press at the moment in the western medical press, with some excellent test results.

•Amazing Therapeutic Value

•Imported from Australia –high quality product with high potency

•Potent antioxidant and free radical scavenger

•Government certified

•For the good health of you and your family

The olive tree's health-giving powers have been respected since ancient times.

It has been described in history with titles such as The Tree of Life, King of the Trees and The Immortal Tree. Some olive tree leaves contain compounds that enable the trees to live for more than 1,000 years withstanding heat and cold, and attacks from pests, viruses and bacteria. Synsiam’s Olive Leaf Complex captures and concentrates these powerful defense compounds. Olive leaf has been shown to have remarkable effects on a host of infectious diseases and other conditions. Among those documented are Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Diabetes, AIDS, Hypertension, Parasitic Infestation, Ulcers, Psoriasis and Fibromyalgia. Olive Leaf Complex is currently being used to help prevent and treat, Low Energy Levels, Heart problems, Yeast Infections: Candida, Bacterial Infections: Bronchitis, Tonsillitis, Gastroenteritis, Urinary Tract Infections and Ear Infections, Viral Infections: Herpes, Flu, HIV and could possibly help with Bird Flu.

New products being added soon;

Synsiam Olive Skin Repair Cream – To be launched soon

Synsiam 100% natural Beauty Care Range – Just about to be launched.

Synsiam Anti-Aging Formula – Future Product

The time is now. Don’t delay. Asian expansion will be happening soon with Thailand sitting at the top.

Email/PM me now expressing your interest and any previous experience email or check out our temporary website at Synsiam

Thai and Foreign nationals are welcome. IMPORTANT - This product is priced for the Thai and Asian markets, unlike other international MLM companies. Monthly product orders are under 500 Baht (entry level). Joining fee is just 250 Baht. This is going to be huge amonst the Thai's!

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