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Solar power pool pump, solar cells and salt water chlorinator

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I'm renovating a 65 cubic meter salt water pool in Thailand and need the following equipment.


1. Solar pool pump. How many Watt do I need for this pool size?

2. Solar cells for running the pump. Advise on type of solar panels and how many. I don't want a complicated setup, without any batteries. The pump should basically run when the sun shines.

3. New filter (with some glass filter media instead of sand)

4. Salt water chlorinator and panel that automagically switch off itself when pump is not running.


Anyone has a similar setup and would like to share some info and approx pricing about suitable products available in Thailand (or I am happy to buy on Alibaba.com or ali-express.com). I will do-it-myself with help if a good plummer.


How would you configure this?


Many thanks in advance!

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16 minutes ago, george said:

Thank you, @Crossy!
can you easy explain how a grid-tie solar system could be setup?

3-4 of these ......... https://www.lazada.co.th/products/i713768389-s1367528011.html

1 of these .........  https://www.lazada.co.th/products/i768508173-s1501582619.html

Packet of connectors ......... https://www.lazada.co.th/products/mc4-connector-5-i1410780461-s3621404225.html


Bit of box steel, some 2.5mm twin wire.

That's about it. Total price around 12kbht.


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With the baby inverters @BritManToo shows you just hook up the panels to the DC input (in parallel for that inverter), connect to the inverter and plug the 220V of the inverter into a convenient outlet. Easy peasy.


There are a number of solar threads in the Electrical forum.


Mine is here, go towards the end (Page 19 ish) for the current 6kW set-up ;-



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I did consider it once installing a Solar Pool Pump I was quoted 100k I didn't think it was worth it, too expensive when you consider how much a good pool pump cost, ie, Waterco or Astral less than 20,000 Baht 

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Better off with a good pool pump on mains.

Less problems.

Unless you do the whole house with solar.

PM me for quailty pool pump.

I also have solar systems. Whole house.

Have a new set up coming soon. 5 KW power saver.

See attached.

Prototype vid can be seen on F/Book search for Hybrid Solar

1st ten are going to Australia!

5 kw generator power supply block  flow  diagram FaceBook-1.jpg

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