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Thai-German man charged for ‘airline should be bombed’ remark

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Well you cannot fix stupid.... Boy was he stupid making a comment like that.

The b. word, right up there with   Terrorist Allah Muhammad Missile Gun 9/11   on the list of words it's "unwise" to use in the airport.

.......in a wife beater shirt.....🤭

obviously an opening for an english teacher!some entrepreneurial type can boost the english training at the airport and teach the loacls the difference between subjective and objective.this is not a threat only the lack of english comprehension!i just hope the aplicant has a work permit!or..........but thats another conversation

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24 minutes ago, Benmart said:

I wasn't there, didn't hear what he said, didn't talk to anyone who did and leave it to those arm-chair judges to spew their "wisdom".

So you have to be there in order to know something is wrong or stupid.

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I think this unhinged Luk Krung is in need of some anger management. 
But,  i'm sure a few weeks in Klong Prem will will give him a little time to reflect on how stupid he was.

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