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Thailand falls in global English Proficiency Index for fourth consecutive year

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If Thailand remains closed to farang tourists then bar girls will forget the little English that they know and the ratings will fall further 😏

It all begins with interest of the world outside, which is lacking. The incentive is 0.

Hasn't this poor dead horse been beaten enough?   You get what you pay for. Pay a competitive salary and you'll get quality teachers. I know a school where they are currently short 14 teache

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38 minutes ago, webfact said:

Cambodia (84th, very high proficiency)


boys and girls.....this is what we call irony.   Well, probably not; unless the writer says he is a master in the farang language!!!   


anyhow.....i try to explain to my gf that nobody understands English here......but she thinks I'm a moron because when I ask, "Where......is.........the.........beer?" at Macro in my super, super slow voice.....she's convinced they are super fluent when they point randomly and smile.  


i'm super lazy in English.....but when the rubber hits the road or the shhhh hits the fan or it's some kind of test......well...i can hold my own


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Just now, johng said:


Thai is spoken in Thailand   English is the  worldwide language of business,communications,medicine, aviation

etc etc etc

So your average Joe doesn't need it?

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51 minutes ago, AlfHuy said:

Soon, no more English spoken but at school, they will be obliged to learn Mandarine to better understand their brothers and sisters.

makes more sense to me, Thailand doesn't need the west and their desires to take advantage of every country that they're allowed to..

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